Thursday, December 2, 2010

I can't think of a title for this now!!!

So I got a new phone. Finally! Yes! :-)
I can hear some sighs of relief… Primarily my own!! ;-)
It’s a Samsung Galaxy S and it’s awesome! Mind-blowingly so!! Except that the screen is a fingerprint and smudge magnet!! (I read that term somewhere and it’s been running through my head since then!) But coming back to the screen, it means that I keep polishing it every now and then and admire the beauty of the screen..!! :-) I am vain like that!! ;-)
Anyways, that’s not the point of this post. I am getting there! In a bit…. Patience they say is a virtue!! I would not know about that… ;-)
So my phone! Yeah! It’s cool, and it’s awesome and I am hooked on to it majorly. And I tried out most of the applications, they work like a charm. Except my contacts which got screwed up. Totally! I synced my contacts with my Gmail account and well, to put it simply…  It’s a mess!  Now my contacts list shows my phone contacts, my sim contacts, and my Gmail contacts and there a whole set of duplicates for a large number of people and more importantly a whole list of them that I do not recognize. Sighhh!!!
And that’s the point of my post.
See I told you we’d be getting there!! ;-)
So well, I was scrolling through my list of contacts… trying to figure out how I ended up with sooooooo many of them! And the list in general had…
      # Family and close friends (people who I am in touch with most of the time!)
      # Not-so-close but good friends who I am still in touch with once in a month sorts
      # Friends who used to be close at one point and who I have lost touch with
      # People I have had a falling-out with
      # Random numbers like restaurants, house agents, Cineplex’s, bowling alleys, gas delivery etc etc… not unnecessary if you know what I mean!!
So I went on a cleansing spree… and that is tough I tell you! Especially in the 3 and 4th categories I have listed.
For one it brought back a lot of memories of certain times and places and days… and some of them were not good ones. Which led me to feeling a multitude of emotions all at once and now I am like a wreck!! Emotional Wreck that is!! Out-of-mood and all that stuff!
It was easy enough deleting the people I have had a falling out with, there were not too many there ;-) ‘Coz after whatever has happened between us I don’t think either of us would want to get in touch. For all I know, they have already deleted my number off their lists. Yes! I know I should have done that too a long time back, but well… sometimes you don’t feel like doing it… you know what I mean??  :-)
The ones that I have lost touch with for various reasons were the hardest to delete… I mean… what if suddenly I wanted to talk to them again? What if I wanted to catch up? Or what if they wanted to catch up and when they called I did not know who it was and they took offence?? But then I realized that, if we had wanted to stay in touch, we would have! One way or the other!! Simple huh.. Well.. Took me a bit to get there!! Basically because I was still holding onto the fragments of that friendship … Heck! I don’t even know if their numbers are the same because it’s been over 2-3 years since I last talked to them… so I did whatever was the best thing… I figured I could get their numbers from our mutual friends (the ones that both of us are in touch with – hopefully!) when needed… :-)
The cleansing process ain’t over as yet… it has barely started … for in some cases, you just don’t feel like deleting the numbers or the person because of the memories you share!! And in some cases, all it takes is just a click! And then out of phone, out of mind… :-)
In a weird way, I feel both lighter and heavier … clearing of baggage and influx of thoughts are not a good mix…
So yeah! The post started off in a rambly sort of way and then I got all serious… that’s the way I have been today… like a see-saw..!!
And yes, I know it’s a long post… and I am stopping here…
It’s yet another day tomorrow…!! 


  1. Interesting reading ,Chutts ! No wonder this. Technology sometimes hits you for a sixer. Ask your partner-:) Me too had the same problem (ofcourse,mine was not a galaxy-(:) The sweet little tel. index diary came to my rescue ! Lesson No. 1. always keep a back up in hard copy! Anywayz make sure you have not lost/erased my no. for I would always love to hear your sweet voice at least once a day -:).


  2. @ Appa --> Doiii...! Your number is stored in my heart... (Okie!! that sounded a bit cheesy to me itself..!!) Ah... I remember that tel index diary of urs..! unfortunately... i don't have a hard copy.. will follow that practice now! :)

  3. Aishu,,,been a long while, since I opened blogger..and the first update was ur post and got to read it..wondering which of the above mentioned category I am in ;-)

  4. hmmmm... Niice da... and congrats for your new phone. It just seems to be the right kinda phone for you. That made me think about a new phone :) I dont think I need something as smart as Galaxy S...will probably settle for a less smarter version ;)I know you did not lose my number for sure :) let me know if you any numbers.. I shall forward those to you


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