Friday, March 18, 2011

That machine is out to get me!!

My laptop at work has been giving me trouble ever since I got it! Of course its age has to be blamed for it! To me, it is from the ancient ages and I doubt there is an older version than this; but like some of my friends pointed out, apparently there are older versions!! It’s probably trying to prove to me that I can’t push it around and treat it like just another machine given its age; it seems that it has feelings too!! Err..! Hmm! So if it is not the keyboard that’s giving me the problem then it’s the LAN connection; and if it’s not that then it’s something else. Either ways I seem to be spending too much of my time at the IT Service Desk rather than at my desk much to the amusement of my colleagues!!
Currently it’s my Outlook that’s experiencing problems! The system has gotten into its head that I am overloading it with emails and has decided to go ahead and create hundreds of ‘personal folders’ (*pst) for me in Outlook. I am not kidding, at last count there was more than 100. How do I know? Well, the IT guy got bored after a while of deleting the folders and taught me how to do it and asked me to delete a few :-/ Ok! I am kidding! He did not ask me to delete it, but the look on his face said that he might as well have asked me to do it!!! Well, he did sit and delete it for like 40 mins or so! Can’t blame him! It’s a boring thankless job, doing that!
Anyways, apparently the problem occurs whenever I reboot my laptop. And so, every morning without fail, I am at the IT desk, asking for support! To rectify my Outlook! And now I am almost like a member of the team!
Sample this!! After one particularly long session of sitting and deleting the numerous personal folders, I asked the IT guy what I should do if it occurs again.  He looked at me straight in the eye and said “You come find me!” and gave me this sarcastic smile! Well... he did say to go to him every time it occurs! So well, next morning yours truly was promptly at his desk with my stupid machine!
Another tip from my boss – just drop your machine on the floor! And say ‘Oops!’!!
There you go! A brand-new laptop! :P
Well.. It’s all fine for him to say, I am the one who’s dropping the machine! Hmmppff!!
Anyways, that’s the deal now!
I keep cribbing and complaining to all and sundry! I call up my friends asking for tips to resolve this problem and that!
But the way things are going… one of these days I just might ‘accidently’ drop my laptop!
And say “Oops!!”    ;-)


  1. You should have asked me for help ;) But I agree with your boss... oops seems to be a good works ;)

  2. hey quick porn on the laptyop..on ur that it does nt escape notice..beat the motherboard with ur own damn fists..get the lappy to konk off..then give it to ur director :)

    Brand new laptop :) tada...

    how do i no...been there done it :D

    oh ya..u mite get let off with a warning of irresponsible behaviour and anti-social attitude..but hey..what's new..!!! :)

  3. @ Anna --> I should have! :P
    @ Bad Boy --> U still read my blogs?? Lol.. I did not know that!! ;-) But thanks for the 'out-of-the-box' ideas in any case! :P


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