Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ok! I tried .. Not so great an effort, but I still tried to write!! :)

One month to this day since my last post. Something that I keep repeating every few posts, rather every last few posts… it’s very hard these days to muster up the energy to pen something down. Thoughts are aplenty but when I have the inclination to write, I don’t have the laptop / blogger at my disposal and typing a blog post from my phone is something that I cannot ever do. It’s just too much trouble.. And then when I have the time on my side, the inclination to do something else other than blogging is much more stronger! Talk about conflicts of interest!! Every single time I see a blog post from a friend, or from someone I really look forward to reading in my reader, I feel a twinge of guilt. Just a twinge! Nothing too heavy for then you would have seen this place inundated with posts. But that twinge still persists …
Gotta do something about it!! Yep! And not just with tags!! Ok! See! I can guess what most of you who read this space think ;-) Yeah! I know I have been doing too many of the tags, and constructive writing, if there was any has taken a backseat … time to change all that!!
So how have things been with me? Pretty much consistent … work wise things are looking up! The rough bits are still there, sometimes a lot more than I’d like for it to be, but then who wants it to be all smooth sailing… 
I joined dance classes again .. Bollywood dance classes this time around with all the jhatkas and matkas and item numbers! No! I am not kidding! Pretty darn serious! :-) Yes! As if it was not enough that I did the bollywood dance for most of my graduation, this is taking it a tad too far as my mom put it..  She asked me, what’s there to learn in bollywood dancing..  Err.. turns out quite a bit! :P :P
As usual, we saw a couple of movies, some good, some bad..  among the good were Kahaani and 3. The year clearly belongs to Vidya Balan. And as for 3, there are few reasons why I liked the movie..  one being the songs, another being the chemistry between Dhanush and Shruti Hassan and then some scenes that were pretty well shot. But mainly the songs..  Kannazhaga is on top of my list now!!
Ok.. This post is getting too boring for even my own liking and I am one of the most narcissistic souls you will find!! It seems to me like I am giving you all an update on whats going on in my life! This is so not constructive writing.. 
Wrapping this up here.. 
See you laters in a better worded post!! 

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