Friday, March 22, 2013

'So Sorry about Little India' - Evam's coming to Singapore!! :) :)

I love people who make me laugh. And it’s not too difficult to make me laugh if you know me. It’s something like this. If you can make me laugh, then you can be sure that we will get along really really well. I think it’s the best sort of an ice-breaker at any social do. Once you have gotten folks to laugh at whatever you have said you can be sure they will pay you attention! True Story! :-)

Actually, imagine that. Trying to make people laugh. And that too just by talking. That takes some guts. And it’s very difficult. Stand-up comedy is even more challenging. Leave apart stage fear, just standing there, with a mic in your hands, looking down at the crowd milling around, not knowing whether you might strike the right chord with them and not spout out anything too offensive that might work against you, that’s scary. You have no choice but to take your chances.

But if done right, and with some disclaimers at the beginning ;-) then it’s definitely fun! And it takes professionals to do that! To sense the pulse of the crowd and to rib-tickle them … Like Russell Peters. Or Vir Das.

And now Evam …  

Evam’ is an award winning theatre entrepreneurship which has the mission of “evolutionising India’s theatre“.  Founded in 2003 by two 26-year-old graduates from Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA) – Sunil Vishnu K. and Karthik Kumar who started their second entrepreneurship ‘Sideways Training’ in Feb 2011, ‘evam’ today is a 9 years young thriving organization with more than 25 plays and 450 performances to its credit.

Evam annually manages ’the Hindu MetroPlus International Theatre fest’ across 7 Indian cities, runs “Theatricals”, a young people’s theatre entrepreneurship inter collegiate competition and has a host of initiatives in Theatre Education, Theatre in Education and Arts management programs in schools, colleges and corporates spreading the message of theatre. They have worked extensively with brands to further their marketing communications and created entertainment/engagement for client networking events. Some of the brands include like HUL, HSBC, Airtel, Standard Chartered Bank, Nestle, Nippon, Infosys, Royal Sundaram and Sab Miller.

You can read more about EVAM at

And now they are going to be in Singapore.

And they are going to perform. And make us laugh. About everything. Until our eyes fill with tears. Until we grasp our tummies saying no more.

So who are these guys who are going to perform? And what are they gonna do to make us laugh??

They say that they are -- “So Sorry about Little India’ –

A stand-up comedy show that promises to make you laugh till you forgive. :) From Evam's stand-up comic ensemble, ‘Evam Stand-Up Tamasha’, which has 8 leading comics and has performed over 150 shows in just two years and is known as south India's funniest stand-up show. 

This show is a comic take on everything Indian - Cricket to Advertising. Banking to Film BANS and of course bargains, population and MUSTAFA. Evam Stand-Up Tamasha is flying to Singapore to make fun of Indians like only NRIs can.

A must watch laugh riot that promises to be Indian, For Indian, By Indian, Of Indian, through Indian, with Indian, Half Indian, North Indian, Anglo Indian, etc..

Book your tickets now. Don’t be cheap, there is no bargaining. J J

Tickets are available on SISTIC!!! Book yours now!!

For more information, check out these videos…


 And if you do catch it, come back and tell me how much you liked it! :-)  :-)

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