Monday, May 13, 2013

Summer's here!!! So is Evam's Workshop for Kids! :) :)

What did summer vacations mean to you? The months of April, May and June… To me, it was all fun, trips, mangoes, get-togethers, lots of sleeping, eating and driving the parents up the wall saying that we were bored :P Today though, there are so much more options, I say! Kids these days have a lot more options than any of our generation or the ones before us had… and I mean that in a good way!!
Have you seen what the kids of today are capable of?? They are street-smart and are much more adept at using technology and gadgets while we still sometimes struggle with our smart phones… they dance like they can give stiff competition to the world’s best … they sing effortlessly and put many a talented singer to shame and some of them are so advanced for their ages that they give the older generations (including me!) a huge complex…  
Bunch of talented youngsters we have I say… It’s heartening to see the expanse of talent that is both explicit as well as hidden in most of the kiddos today and it is to hone these very talents that some of the biggest names in the field are flying down as facilitators for a summer workshop conducted by EVAM.  
Yes people!
Evam’s back in Singapore….  :D 
This time with SUMMER WORKSHOPS for Kiddos…
Looking for details… Here you go!!

About the courses:
5-7 yrs
8-9 yrs
9 am to 11.30 am
11.30 am to 2 pm
2 pm to 4.30 pm
4.30 pm to 7 pm
10-16 June (Venue: Pangdemonium)
Theatre (pinty)
Music (sudha)
Music (sudha)
Theatre (pinty)
17 - 23 June
(Venue: NUS PGP function room 4)
Music (vedanth)
Theatre (pinty)
Theatre (pinty)
Music (vedanth)

Each of the above courses runs for a week (2.5 hours every day) and is charged at SGD250/person. Logon to SISTIC for registering -
For further details:
Call: +6593886994 Email:

About the facilitators:
1. Dr. Sudha Raja holds a doctorate in Indian Music from the University of Madras.  She has been training school groups and communities in choral singing & Indian Carnatic Music for the past 2 decade.  
Name of course:  The Harmony Project
The workshop introduces us to harmony, and its various forms. What we understand as sound, music, rhythm, silence and how it all comes together to create magic. The participants will learn songs in many Indian languages, and how harmony adds texture and colour to music.
2. Vedanth Bharadhwaj is an accomplished singer, composer and guitarist. He composes for top musicians in India, films, theatre and ads, and is a virtuoso performer. Guitars, banjos and just about any stringed instruments come alive in Vedanth’s hands.
Name of course: The Young Composers
Music is in all of us and in everything around us! In this workshop, learn the concept of harmony and rhythm. Try your hand at writing lyrics, give it a tune and perform your very own first song!
3. Padmavathi Rao - For the last ten years, Padmavathi (or Pinty akka as children fondly call her), has been doing theatre with and for children. Padmavathi conducts storytelling, puppetry and conducting summer theatre workshops in Bangalore as she has done over the last ten years on a regular basis.
The structure of the workshops will be flexible in order to work with the realities of the workshop and children’s individual and group processes.
Name of Course: Collage - Category:  Theatre (5-7)
This workshop aims at moving from a 2-D collage to a collage of emotions as it were. The children are taken through a journey of exploring their realities, their likes and dislikes, the obstacles they perceive in expressing themselves.
Name of Course: Drama of Things - Category:  Theatre (8 to 9)
The workshop aims at finding strengths that lie within so that children can find joy in what they do. It endeavours to put children in touch with the blocks they encounter and at least begin to take the first steps towards overcoming them.

So what are you still waiting for? :-)
Get going and register your kiddos now…  
Have fun and let me know how it turns out to be!! J J J

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