Sunday, September 10, 2006

Here we go....!!!

Bonjour ppl…
Quite a lot of things that I want to say… rather write but dunno where to start… how to start…lolz…!!! Wats it called??? Yeah.. Writer’s block..!! Even before I have started writing I have been tagged by “Writer’s Block” (Amazing!! :-/)
Even in the last class of International Business handled by one of my favorite lecturers, I clammed up during my presentation… :-s… in this case I guess you can term it something else(I dunno the exact term!!) this has never happened to me and I have no clue why it happened … and that too to a chatterbox like me..!!! Jeez!! The best part was it was more or less a combined class for both the batches of my classmates and all my friends were there…the ones I hang out with in college!!. :-s… I mean I had the words in my mind.. in front of me in a piece of paper for reference…and my partner was prompting me from the side and still I was tongue-tied…!!!Lolz..!! And to top it all off, I had the professor consoling me saying that it usually happens to him too and that he understands..!!! Now that is something that I can’t complain abt.. at least Deepak Sir understood my situation, which unfortunately very few of my classmates did I am sure..!!hmmm…!!!
This is not the end of the story..!!The next episode was like a re-run..!! Same class.. he asked me a simple question on what “emerging markets” are.. I had a few thoughts in my mind and when the question was put to me..lo behold!! There I was, tongue-tied again..!! and when Sir asked me if this happens e’time the spotlight is on me.. well.. yeah u r right.. I could not answer that too..
:-s.. Whew!!! Maybe it’s the IB class… maybe it’s the classroom which is jinxed… God knows why I clam up like that… Argh..!! :-/
Okie.. quite a paradox that is… started off saying that I have no words to put my thots too.. and there it is… a pretty decent blog (modesty is my forte;-))
Signing off for a while…
Catch ya later..
Till then..
Live Life… Queen Size ;-)

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