Thursday, September 14, 2006

My Amma :-)

I have been wanting to write about this for a long time now… somehow till now never got the right words… I hope I get them now..!!!
There is this well-known saying that,
“God Created Mothers Because He Knew He Could Not Be Everywhere”
So true na…
I had never given much thought to the relationship I shared with my mother. Being daddy’s little girl and all that, amma always used to be this woman who would make me sit and study, make me clean my dirty room, make me eat all those yucky veggies, give me stern warnings for spending too much time on the phone, not let me watch TV especially when there is an interesting movie, tell me what to do, how to do, what dress to wear for special occasions, how to tie my hair, everything,,, every single thing about me she had an opinion regarding it..!!! Well not that appa didn’t offer his opinion on the things that I did, but somehow amma’s interference (u can’t actually term it that.. I hope u understand what I mean) was a lil’ bugging!!!
Oh yes!! I loved her a lot and all that even when she projected the “strict woman” image…!! But I never gave much thought to the relationship…
Early in my schooling days I used to listen to her meekly, do everything that she asked me to do; basically I was this obedient, goody-goody daughter… but once I entered into my teens, I imbibed a rebellious streak and somehow in my mind she turned into this “enemy” who never used to let me do anything I wanted… she had an opinion for anything and everything that I did and whatever I did was not the right way..!!! We have had a lot of fights on a lot of issues ranging from the minutest things to the biggest things ever..!!! After my high school was over with I cajoled, begged, reasoned and fought with her to send me to Coimbatore to study for my higher secondary. She wanted me to stay at Palghat and do my studies there while my dad was okay with me going to Coimbatore … I won the fight!!! After that came college where she won this time… I wanted to join Victoria College which was a co-ed but she wanted me to join Mercy College which was a girls only!! I didn’t argue with her because somehow I realized that it’d be safer and wiser for me to join Mercy…!!
Anyways I joined for my at Mercy and then started the same old story… same old fights about every single thing under the sun..!! I know I have hurt her ‘n’ number of times with my words and actions and have made her cry loads of times too… I have given her so much of tension and worries and somehow in my mind “very little happiness”… but if u probably ask my mom this she’d deny it..!!!
And then one fine day appa got transferred to a small quaint little town about 5 hrs from home and he was forced to stay there and work. My brother Ashwin had joined for college in Chennai and there we were… Mother and Daughter all alone for 5 days of the week (appa came home on weekends).. But somehow those days (close to a year) were an eye-opener about the kind of person my mom truly was… she is amazing..!!! Truly mid-blowing!!!
Now I start telling you about this wonderful woman I call “amma”…
She is the best person I can ever find on this earth… truly the finest human being…
She is my biggest support in whatever I do and however I want to do it… though she initially opposed me going to Mumbai for my internship, in the end she was the one who stood by me throughout those 2 months apart from a couple of other people!! She is the one who encourages me to do things in life and to be independent in my own stead… she was the one who encouraged me to learn dancing and pursue mba when she realized that I was keenly interested in them… she is the one who takes my side every single time when she thinks I have done the right thing irrespective of whether its against her husband or the family… I will probably run out of words if I start telling about all the ways she has been my constant companion and support all throughout till now..!!Amma is this very talented woman… she is the best epitome of a home-maker that I have ever seen.. the way she juggles her school work, house work, her interests and still finds time to take care of me and appa and achu and our tantrums etc is something that is very difficult to put into words… she sings well…she sketches well…she paints well.. She cooks extremely well…she is interested in a whole lot of things ranging from saas-bahu serials to slokas…!!! She tries her level best to keep up with the latest trends and gizmos though she is not too interested in them.. She has an eclectic taste when it comes to sense of dressing and a damn good humour sense if I say so myself… her laugh which I rather call a guffaw is something which fills the listener with laughter too.. she exudes a feeling of warmth when u see her and the way she envelopes you in a bear hug makes u feel as though u could stay in it forever..!!! There are a lot of things that I could say about my mom… go on and on and on….
Somehow today I regret all those days I never realized what a great companion she was… suddenly she has changed from the demure lady that I knew into this hip and trendy, even to an extent cool mom..!!! earlier even when she used to be a little hesitant about my friendship with guys today she is pretty cool about me being friends with more guys than girls and even takes an avid interest in the happenings at college… you know..The gossip and stuff ;-)!!! :-).. Lolz..! Today I can relate to her much better than I do with any of my other friends and somehow am at more ease talking to her about anything and everything that’s on my mind..!!
As I grow older she has started gaining this very important place in my life…!!!
That of a mother, best friend, mentor, guide, philosopher and sometimes this loony chilled pal that I can hang out with…!!! :-)… there have been times in the past that I have missed her a lot… times when I needed to open up to her about a lot of things… times I was ill… times when I just wanted the comfort of her hand on my head… times I just wanted her presence with me..!! For I know that just the fact that I could sit with her or have her comforting presence somewhere close will make me feel better..!!
I have heard from my mom’s friends about how much she misses me and how much she talks about me and what all I am upto in college and my achievements… and somehow it makes me feel all the more proud to have a mom like her..!! I don’t know in what sense I mean proud here..!!! Its just feelings!!! I am somehow unable to explain it..!!I am sure all mothers are as great as mine… motherhood is a blessing in that sense… I don’t even want to think about how we or rather I’d have survived without my amma…
I can go on and on and on and on about her …. And fill this whole blog with only things about her…!!! You never know.. I might just end up doing that ;-)…
I have made a start and I intend to tell you what wonderful beings my parents and brother are…. atleast to me :-)
But for now..
Amma I love you a lot and I’m so glad that you are my mother!!! I thank God for making me your daughter I hope I can give you all happiness that you deserve and make you proud..!!!I am so proud that you are my amma.. :-)… love u ma…
This is a poem by Howard Johnson ………
“M” is for the million things she gave me,
”O” means only that she's growing old,
”T” is for the tears she shed to save me,
”H” is for her heart of purest gold;
”E” is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
”R” means right, and right she'll always be,
Put them all together, they spell a word that means the world to me - "MOTHER"


  1. this is truly beautiful.. i guess we all go through phases of feeling what you did for your mom.. but not all of us end up realising the value that a mother holds in our life... anyone can easily tell that whatever you're written here comes from your heart..
    take care and all the best for whatever you choose to do in life :)

  2. I must say dis is ur most beautiful write it comes 4m d innermost depth of ur heart.. which is clearly evident frm d content n d style..probably m sayin dis coz of my own personal bias....'Nothin in dis wrld is more close 2 my heart dan my mom...i can give away d whole wrld 4 her'...Bt i never told dis 2 her in words...may b i never found d rite words..may b never thot,words r capable enough...may b she understands my silence better..!!!moms r so gud at dat,na!!!
    may b u hav put my (n many others like me) silence into those beautiful words!!!!
    May god help u achieve al success in life n help u live up 2 her xpectations n keep her happy!!!!

  3. good one ! I admire the fact that you took the time out to actually think about such important details of your life and pen it down. although the flow of thoughts is a bit random yet its organized in a certain way. definitely your best post ... Reminds me of my post on my father. wonder what your mom said about it?


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