Thursday, September 14, 2006


there are actually a lot of things that i wanted to write in my last post..!!! :-/
somehow somewhere i think i lost the track and ended up putting into words something that doesn't feel right!!! atleast to me... i feel i could have worded it better..!!! hmm... !!! well... er... u-huh..!! whew!!!


  1. I think that daughters have a special relationship with their fathers, just like sons have with their mothers. Maybe the daughter will not be as close to her father - in the sense that she might not confide in her father all her secrets - but she loves her father in a different sort of way. In psychology there is a term for this, i forget which.( too lazy to find out) AM i correct? Have you come across any blog on fathers? Don't we all share special relationships with our fathers? I have seen many bloggers write on their mothers, but very few on fathers. What do you feel?

  2. @anonymous -

    yep..!! if i am not mistaken i think the term u refer to is oedipus-elektra complex... hmmm..!! have not come across any blogs on fathers but u just inspired me to write one on my dad ..:-)..!! btw.. can i kno ur identity!!?!

  3. God !!! just checked it out in wiki.. not what i exactly wanted to say.
    For me, my mum inspired me to write about my dad (her husband)

    As far as identity is concerned,- well in the blog world whats the need for a nomenclature? Lets keep this simple !!


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