Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tag time again....

Life ten years ago:
Std.IX - School life – Exams – Friends - Fights with brother – Disagreeing with Mom on everything – Dance - TV.

Life five years ago:
College life – Dance group – Interest in latest Cinema – Rotaract Club – Friends in Boys – Crushes – Fights with brother – Disagreements with Mom and Dad on everything (Blame it on adolescence !!)

Life a year ago:
New Job – New City – New language- New environment –New people - New lease on life.

Life tomorrow:
Is a Mystery! But it will be on my own choices. “In Omnia Paratus”

5 Snacks I enjoy:
Potato chips
Good day Biscuits
All those unhealthy and unhygienic things that people tell are not good to eat.

5 Bad habits I have:
Sleeping late
Not eating on time
Attitude that i portray

5 Locations I would like to run away to:
Right now on my list is
Home sweet home at Palakkad
My Anna’s house
Okie that’s all the places I have! Looks like I have to think twice before running away!

5 Things I love to do:
Dance my heart out to all the songs I love and sweat like a pig.
Sleep on my mom’s lap or dad’s shoulder or even my bro’s shoulder.
Read a great thrilling book when it’s raining outside with a cup of coffee or tea in my hand.
Watch a nice movie on laptop with a hot cup of tea or coffee (filter!) in my mug and a plate of snacks.
Sleep curled up in my blanket with the fan on full speed.

5 Things I will never wear:
A bikini
Leather stuff
Huge chunky earrings
Something that won’t let me breathe
Clashing sore-to-the-eye colors

5 Biggest joys at the moment:
Well to count 5 out of the joys everyday will be a tough job… J

5 Things I do not like:
Double standards

Something to achieve next year:
Lots of things… not just some things .. :-)

Something that has impacted me last year:
The fact that I realized who is who and how much of an impact someone can have on me.
The fact that I came to know who I was and who I am not.

What I will miss about 2007:
Nothing. In a way I am glad that the past is just that PAST. Had a lot of good times. But had a lot of heartaches too. So in a way it’s over and done with.

5 Things I want to do before I die:
Get a tattoo.
Learn lots of dance forms.
Achieve a lot in my career.
Have a good family.
Live life on my terms


  1. going to steal both ur tags this weekend!!! Loved the answers to ur music tag :) Great one!!!

  2. going to steal both ur tags this weekend!!! Loved the answers to ur music tag :) Great one!!!

  3. @ Soorya --> Go ahead... You have my blessings! :P Plus its loads of FUN! :)


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