Friday, September 26, 2008

What am i doing......??!?!?!

Picked up this tag again on my wanderings. I have recently gotten this penchant for tags.Probably because I am not finding anything suitable to write :-) …. Blogger's BLOCK you see ;-)

Ancient Promises by Jaishree Misra. Sounds promising so far. Not too sure how it will turn out to be.

Finished Reading:
The Pregnant King by Devdutt Patnaik.

To “Kaiyil Mithakkum Kanava Nee” from the movie Ratchagan. Beautiful song. Beautiful Lyrics. And sung so well by Srinivas.
A saffron t-shirt with white collars and my blue jeans. Friday Casuals ;-)
Nothing currently. Will be watching ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’ tonight…
Of why I am so boring and where my creativity has gone that I have resorted to picking tags from other people’s blogs…

The life I have with all the people in it and which I am living on my own terms and choices…

The fact that the weekend is here and that it’s going to be a whole 2 days before I can come to office and make merry…
My parents in Palghat, My bro’ in Bangalore, My Anna who has gone to Shirdi, My best friends who are scattered around the world….

That this weekend would not be as boring as weekends normally are for me…

For a hot cup of Cappuccino now guaranteed to wake me up from this drowsy state that I am writing the blog in…

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