Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dabangg - The debacle!!!

Disclaimer: This post is being written at 4 in the AM after watching the spectacular show of ‘Dabangg’. So if it seems a bit too critical of the movie or if I seem like I am ranting, you can blame it on ‘Dabangg’. And also the fact that I had to endure some angry stares – some throughout the movie and the rest after it – from some very close friends as I dragged them for a midnight show to watch this debacle.

If you haven’t watched the movie, I sincerely advice you not to watch it. But if you still insist on watching it because of whatever reasons – All the Best! I hope you survive too...  :-)

Okie… first of all… THIS movie grossed more than ‘3 idiots’ in the opening week???? REALLY??? You know, this was one of the main reasons that I wanted to watch the movie and one of the reasons I used to convince my friends for the same. Come to think of it, I am not sure if they want to be friends with me anymore…

So coming back to the movie… we have Salman Khan aka Chulbul Pandey aka Robinhood Pandey strutting around as the good, helpful cop bashing up bad guys, and then we have the villain, Sonu Sood aka Chedi Singh… the butt of many of the hero’s jokes, literally! Oh also a heroine – the village belle, a step dad and step bro who don’t get along with our hero, and the hero’s mother. Sounds familiar?

But that’s what Dabangg is…Run-of-the-mill - bad guy tries to kill good cop, politics, bombs, and unbelievable action stunts. Throw in a love angle with the heroine, and there you have Dabangg… oh wait a min! Or was it one of those old movies that we are talking about here… you remember the ones? Same story line, mom gets killed, hero gets to know from younger bro after patching up differences, kills villain in a show of supreme strength, even after being almost beaten to death… makes up with warring dad and all’s well that ends well! Oh yes! How many times I have seen this story? Quite a lot of times, thank you very much!

I read reviews that said that Salman has carried the entire film on his brawny shoulders… well… let’s just say, I have new found respect for all those Tamil and Telugu movies that I deemed silly… the best part of the movie (to be read in a sarcastic tone) was the climax… WHAT WAS THAT?? Seriously? Here I was thankful for the one fact that our hero did not remove his shirt during the entire movie, and then he does the mother of all unbelievable stunts… his shirt gets torn off thanks to his rippling muscles … from anger it was said! ROTFLOL… The way I saw it, his shirt was seriously pissed and just ripped itself off his body screaming, ‘I can’t take this anymore’ …. Much like some of us in the theatre! And the brilliant red color – the director just went overboard with that one! Oh my my! I think he was trying to show something there… Oh wait.. I think it was the angry young man depicting his rage all over again! You know … with the red color and all… well… and what a show of muscles… almost seemed as though they were dancing for some tune …. You know with all the rippling and gyrating…

Most of us were beyond despair at this point… my friend dozed off amidst all the bombs and guns and gaalis … and I had another who was glaring at me in a way that could only mean – if looks could kill…. We actually contemplated leaving during the interval…

Give me a Rajnikanth movie any day… Or some other over-the-top movie over this one!

Not this! Nothing like this! Please…

I heard there’s a sequel being planned for this.. With Sonu Sood playing the evil twin bro … Why oh Why!!!?!!?!?!

Shudder!!! Shudder!!


  1. Really?
    Then whyz it touted as a box office hit :-S
    But I do agree that Sallu has lost the charm to pull it off since years now!
    Not yet watched, but been thinking whether to go or not..

  2. @ Soo --> I am guessing coz of Salman... I would advise you to watch it with a good crowd pref.. Its over the top really! :) :)


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