Thursday, September 30, 2010


I am certifiably obsessed. With my blog template that is.

I get bored with it. Very easily. And then I start searching for a new one. I am a compulsive obsessive blog template changer. Whoa! Sounds eerily crazy! I told you, it’s an obsession these days… actually no! It’s a disease. Yeah that’s what it is!

The thesaurus has a lot of fancy words for “obsession” like passion, fixation etc… This is definitely not passion. Changing my blog’s template that is.

It’s a never ending saga, much like those serials we see…

I search and I search and I search and I don’t get anything that I like. And then I search again.

I had one that I liked but I got bored of it soon and so changed it. Remember the one with the denim background? Of course you wouldn’t … what with the number of times that I keep changing it… phew! I find something that I think I like and then I go about modifying it, and then I don’t like the end result. So I start searching again… and then I don’t like anything.

Trust me… I have exhausted almost all the free template sites out there in the world web, I have gone through so many 3 column, 2 column, wordpress, blogger, xml, css themes that now I can’t differentiate which ones I actually like and which ones are playing an illusion on my eyes.

I am tired. Literally tired. I ping my friends at all times asking them if so and so template is good. I am sure they are tired too. Of me.

This template here that I have put right now; I am not too fond of it … but it rates higher on the stupid silly scale that I have set for myself and my blog. Talk about goals in life!!

So there you go! Until I find another new template that I like … or one that I think I like when I will change this again, this one stays! Call me passionate, call me obsessive. Whatever!

Next thing on list, figuring out those damn irritating CSS templates. Man! Are they classy or what? Except it throws up an error when I try to upload them to my blog design. Argh!! I am sure Mr.Murphy is sitting right up there somewhere and laughing out loud.

But I shall overcome this!! It’s not rocket science even if does come close to it.

So until I change this template to something else again, welcome to my new blog template.. :-)


  1. Hey Aishu, I have seen this template somewhere... oh somewhere..on somebody's page.. where was it :-S
    Compulsive theme changes, so far so good :)

  2. was my previous theme girlies! :D


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