Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My blog turns 4!!

I just realized something…

This month is my blog’s birthday month.

And when I checked my blog archives, I found out that I have not dedicated even a single post to my blog birthday since 2006. I am ashamed of myself… and I am planning to rectify it as soon as possible… actually since this month is almost at an end… let’s just say, better late than never!! ;-)

So here goes,

Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you…
Happy birthday dear blog of mine… Happy Birthday to you…. :-)

I just sung that in my head and it kinda sounded cheesy.. ah well! :P

Anyways, being reminded that it was my blog’s birthday month took me down memory lane… yes, as if singing happy birthday to my blog was not enough, I am also going to go all bollywood-ishtyle-flashback-mode ….

I started blogging in 2006, during my MBA. It was almost like an escape route from the truckloads of assignments and presentations and the pressures of doing your MBA. And while it did not exactly start out being like that, it more or less became an obsession down the years. My main inspiration for blogging back then was a super senior from school called Sandhya Krishnan, she writes amazingly well and just reading her blogs used to make me feel lighter and happier. Now I have a whole lot of inspirations to blog, a good circle of blogger-friends – some I know and have met, and lots I have not yet met – and now a passion for writing that just keeps increasing day by day.

Of course I don’t blog about all that I think… :P That would be catastrophic… Anyways, moving on…

Back when I was in school, I used to write diaries… you know about crushes, things that I thought were interesting, my opinions and views and of course my rants and raves on a whole lot of things… I did that until I discovered blogging…. But well, I never used to show my diaries to anyone, let alone my family… ;-) Certain secrets are not to be revealed, you see… :P

Blogging is now a passion, a need that craves to be fulfilled every once in a while. Yes! I say, once in a while because, I know someone may point out that I don’t blog regularly… ;-) I wish I could blog daily… maybe I should take that up as a challenge and write a blog every day.. something or the other!!

That sounds interesting… :P Lets see how far it goes.. ;-)

For now, back to being cheesy…

Here’s wishing my blog a very happy birthday month and lots of blog posts from here to kingdom come!! :-)

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  1. hehe.. Happy Birthday to your blog Aishu!!! and here's wishing your blog many more years of prosperity and happiness... :)


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