Saturday, October 30, 2010

The month that was OCTOBER!!!

October this year has been a crazy month. But it’s by far the best month that I have seen in a long long time!! It was crazy in terms of get-togethers, getting a job, Achu’s visit, surprise birthday parties and no time to speak of to just sit simply. But mostly Surprise Birthday Parties. Suffice to say, we now to have to rack our brains pretty hard to find ideas to throw surprises now!!

What do you do when 6 of your friends celebrate their birthdays, all in the same month, and one after the other? Well, what you to do is conspire with the rest to throw the birthday boy/gal, a party that would it unforgettable for them!! And also be a lot glad that your birthday did not fall this month! And that it’s nowhere in the near future…. Because it got better and better towards the end. Especially the last couple of birthdays. :P And also because revenge is a contagious thingy!!!

The problem with having surprise parties is that people start expecting the midnight cake-cutting and all the associated celebrations like a default setting on their birthdays. Fair enough… because when you have a big gang of friends, then it’s fun even if you’re just sitting simply and chatting / hanging out!! But then surprises are always fun right… right from the planning stage to the executing stage… And if it is a success, then the satisfaction of a job well done is one of the best feelings ever!! .. :P :P The key is to subject the birthday boy/girl to something that they will not expect.. :-) It’s hard when you have veterans in the field … people who have been planning surprises for ages that they know all the tricks of the trade … We tried!! And I think, we did a pretty good job… our success rate was pretty good ;) ;)

This month’s theme was basically “expect-the-unexpected”… yeah! I know it sounds like one of the taglines of those reality shows like fear factor or big boss or something!! Lol…. However when you have welcomed the already-suspecting soul to a setting of cake, candles, flowers and candle-light all set up in the most prettiest scene ever imaginable, they tend to think the worst is yet to come!! Which was true… so in order not to dash their hopes/fears we had the usual cake smearing, birthday bumps and all that you expect at a birthday, only this time around we also threw in, whipped cream, eggs, durian, castor oil, food coloring etc…

Ah!!! The satisfaction of doing all this!! Priceless!!

By far, this month was awesome… we had some great times, some amazing get-togethers, mehfil sessions, awesome food and all in all a very memorable month… And the best set of friends that make all this possible!! :-) :-)

Here’s to you all!!  :-)

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