Monday, November 15, 2010

For want of a better phone...!!

I am looking to buy a new phone… change my handset to one of the newer models, one in which I can browse the internet and check mails on the go and stay connected with my friends and family… Ok! Yes! You caught me there!! I mean FACEBOOK!! ;-). Anyways, I just found out that this is not an easy enough choice to make.
You ask me why I want to change my phone!!!
Well.. It’s now got a mind of its own... Much like a moody person. Switches off and on, as it pleases. Draws up certain menus when I don’t want it to and altogether tries to tell me that it’s not going to listen to me anymore!! Of course the way I have abused it over the past couple of years, says a lot too. It’s been dismantled and put together again, thrown at walls, fallen down flights of stairs, been wrecked in general and still it’s almost rock solid. Notice how I said almost!! :P Yes.. These days, it functions also as a paperweight sometimes.
Some people I know call it a rock… others say that if it’s got a mouth, it would probably use up all the foul language it knows at me for treating it so… some others don’t like to take it in their hands for fear of contamination… or so they say. Trust me; my phone is not that bad!! It’s just been overused and now it needs some rest… oh you want to know which model it is… Sony Ericsson z550i!! Ever heard of it?? No?? Check this out!!
So coming back to my story, of wanting to buy a phone… I started trying to find a suitable phone… Every single day for the past 2-3 weeks, I have been trying to find a suitable phone… I narrow down on some model, and then I talk to someone or the other who changes my mind completely. Some suggest the iPhone, some HTC and so it goes on… And I am back at square one, right in the state that I started. Confused!! Then I go back to searching again… without any luck... It’s like a vicious cycle and I am still stuck in it… The heights of my inability to choose a phone became evident when I asked this friend of mine – a guy who’s interested in gadgets of all sorts and kinds – to help me choose a good phone. He directed me to this website where you could enter your specifications and then it tells you what phones are suited for you…
Guess what it told me!!
0 matches found!!!
That’s right!!!
That’s what it said when I entered in my specifications. Seriously!! At this rate I think they will have to manufacture a new phone just for me… lol.. :-)
And again we are back at square one!!
 I need a new phone and I am unable to choose one!!
Now what?? !!! ?? Any suggestions?? 


  1. Dont rush in to any thing, there is a loooooooooooot of talking going around a possible Nexus 2/S from Samsung. Just wait a lil' long till the holiday season. Also there is another flagship model Samsung is planning for Q1/2 next year, but the specs are awesome!
    And if you only care about what you want to do and not try anything new, try windows phone 7. Gives a clean interface without cluttering with gazellions of applications.. :) will give you peace of mind.. :)


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