Sunday, November 21, 2010

Long locks cut short..!!

Nice Feeling: - When the stylist cuts your hair the way you want it, blow dries it and it makes you look so good that you feel great. :-)

Not-so-nice Feeling: - When you wash it a day or two later and then it goes back to the original frizzy / wavy / curly / limp way it was before she styled it perfectly. :-( And no matter how much you try to restyle it the way she did it, it never gets that perfect look again!!

Getting a haircut is therapeutic!! Whenever I feel really down, I go get a haircut done…. But having said that, I am paranoid about getting my hair cut. I keep thinking, re-thinking, taking opinions from friends, finding out where I can go get a good cut done, etc etc…. I told you! I am paranoid about it. I always keep wondering what if it goes wrong and I don’t feel good about it and then I have to wait for it to grow back and live with it until it grows back!! Sounds familiar to anyone out there???

I had long hair until a few years back. Until a few years back, when I joined for my graduation and then I went and cut it all off.. I told my mom that I was going for a hair trim and went and got it all chopped off at the friendly – neighborhood – parlour. I still remember that day very vividly. My mom almost threw me out of the house. According to her, my long thick hair was the one good thing about me. Nothing else! :P Sometimes, looking back, I think she was right!! ;-) Oh and she did not speak to me for a couple of days. She was THAT pissed!!! But trust me; it was a pain to maintain it. A real pain! The whole process of washing it, drying it and all that took ages and when you’re in school/college, you don’t want to be spending your time waiting for your mane to get dry before you can go out! And then on it has always been short hair… through MBA tho’ it was a little longer than I would have liked, but when I joined work at Hyderabad, I got it cut short again! The fact that my parents would be seeing me only after 3-4 months was one of the factors that played a big part!! ;-) I had a good decent hairstylist at one of the Lakme parlors there and I was happy with the cuts she gave me! After that for a long time, my mom kept urging me to grow my hair so that I could have some decent length of it at my wedding. But after the wedding, the first weekend after I landed in Singapore, I got my hair cut again!

And that was where I met Bebe. She was the one who cut my hair that first time here in Singapore. I was walking around in this mall, looking and choosing options of where I can get my hair cut without it wiping out my wallet, and I narrowed in on this small salon that was crowded. So I went in there and asked the lady to trim my hair. She assigned me to Bebe and I felt so good when I saw the cut she had given me that I was up in the clouds for the rest of the day! And then all my haircuts have been with Bebe. Until we moved houses!! But even that did not deter me. When it was time for me to get my haircut, I went all the way to Bebe’s shop. Only the shop was not there anymore. :-( I searched high and low, looked for some glimpse of her shop at some place but did not find it. I was heartbroken. Ask my friend who accompanied me.. She was in splits looking at how despondent I was then! I still get my haircuts done! From a whole lot of places!! But no one has given me such a good cut as Bebe. And none of the cuts have made me feel that good. I miss you Bebe… !!!

Well, all said and done, like a lot of people, I have a love-hate relationship with my hair… some days, it makes me look the way I want it to, and some days it’s like a spoilt brat… much like me again!! :P

That’s the story of my tresses!!! ;-) But one of these days, hopefully, I will find a good stylist again who will give me the cut I want and then I shall be at peace with my mane!!


  1. My mom refused to talk to me for almost a week when i chopped my long tress...

  2. Check out this

  3. You echoed my feelings! Just y'day I got a haircut done and I'm up in the air now.. Have declared to my shocked husband that I will delay my hair wash as much as possible :-p Hubby can't understand why women don't wash their hair after a hair cut and men do immediately after their trim :-p

  4. haha.. good old Bebe... we do miss her.. :P

  5. Having waist long tresses, is a hefty task. There's a pressure to chop down your locks, as everyone seems to be sporting short hair.Long haired girls are deemed to be old fashioned. Nicely conveyed through your post.


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