Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guilty as charged!!

This one is HILARIOUS!! :-)
I am sure most of us if not all are guilty of something or the other in this list In my case, guilty on a few counts ;-).
Read on and enjoy!! :-)
I am reproducing the post here
Stop making fool of yourself
Cant you sit simply and keep your hands and legs idle? What is your objective in life? To make others jealous? Then why you are simply keep on changing your profile picture? What is the reason? Come on tell me. I want to know the answer.
Agreed boss, you have gone abroad. Your 26th relative uncle is also proud of you. We are also happy only. That is why we even came to airport to say bye and all. But why you are killing us with your pictures?
Ok, I agree ki I have seen that place only in map and you have seen in real life. Thats all no? Every alternate day you are putting one new picture. What you want? You want all of us to press the like and say Wooowwwwww, is it? Secretly you are monitoring the comments every minute, but like one lord, you will reply only after 4 days saying Thanks guys!.
See, that is also acceptable. You have spent so much money and gone there and so you want everybody to appreciate you. Understood. But why you are putting plants and trees and CATS (?!?!) as profile pictures? You have any common sense? Crazy man!
There is one more category. You will put the picture of your baby instead of your picture. I dont even want to talk about those people.
Best is the ladies. If you convert your picture to black and white means, you suddenly will become good looking is it? People will look at you and think Wow. Nice! and send you friend request and all. I only know how you look.
As it is you were doing nothing here. You got married and you went there and again doing nothing only. What is there to be proud of? Every day, evvreee day you are updating on what you are cooking. Today I made curd rice for my darrrlinggg hubby.
Really? And that idiot husband will like it and publicly kiss you. Thank you wifey, mmuuaaahh.
You are from India only no? Dont you know such things are indecent and doing this in public place is not allowed? If you go out of India means immediately you are forgetting everything.
And then you are putting the pictures of your food. Yummy! you will put as title. Who knows how it tasted? Heights is, when some other idiot in some other country asks you for the recipe. Arey goose, you are using internet. Just Google and find out.
Now you tell me, when you were in India, have you cooked like this for ONE day? Your brother is also a gentleman only. Have you cooked like this for him? Hello husband, I am asking you also. When you were here, have you said Mmmuahh to your mother because you liked her food?
Of all the monkey pranks that you are playing from abroad, worst is when both you and your spouse act like you are always happy 24 hours and 365 days. Had the best dinner ever at King Coles Oriental Palace at the 35th and 16th. Awesome Thai food!
Just some Thai food only no? Why you need so much scene for that? India is closer to Thailand only.
Boss, in case you didnt know already, here is the truth. Nobody is happy. How much ever money you earn, you will not be happy. You will only sit on the WC tapping your fingers and think, Why I came here?
If I say this truth, immediately you will flash your i-Products at me. For your kind information, iPad2 is also available here, that you know? So shut up and listen to me. Stop making fool of yourself.
Now you are thinking ki I am jealous and so only I am talking like this, no? See, till I also go somewhere and do all such things, I will talk like this only. What you can do?

Hilarious is an understatement! :-) :-). Here's one more in the same vein..!! :-) Brilliant humor, I say!
Enjoy!! :)

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  1. These definitely are some of the reason people 'live' in social networking sites, but I dont agree to this "Boss, in case you didn’t know already, here is the truth. Nobody is happy. How much ever money you earn, you will not be happy. You will only sit on the WC tapping your fingers and think, “Why I came here?”"
    There are people who are happy :)


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