Saturday, May 28, 2011

An Urge to blog and coming up with a rambling!

Sometimes I get this undeniable urge to blog. Something like an itch that wont go until you scratch it away. Only trouble is when I sit in front of the laptop and try to type something that sounds even remotely interesting, I draw a blank. Like RIGHT NOW!! But that urge is far from gone. So guaranteed that this is going to be a boring read!!
I know I am not a bad writer. But I suffer from a major complex when I end up reading other blogs, like this one  Tysonice. Or this one here  Shetalkslikejune. Makes me wonder why I cant write like them! Funny, carefree and cares two hoots about who reads it. Some day! Maybe someday!
What are the odds that the minute I decide to start blogging regularly and hope that my Indirank shoots up, the good folks at Indiblogger decide that they want to upgrade the rank widget? So for the past 2 months, ever since I started posting regularly (Okie.. not regularly enuf, but still it is an improvement!!) there has been no change in my rank. Now I can only hope that it will shoot up like a rocket once the widget has been upgraded. Indiblogger, you listening??
Speaking of months, I had the best month in May. I wish all months were like May. :P it was my birthday month (sigh! A year older), my anniversary month (2 years now since I became Mrs.), a trip to Batam, some good appreciation at work, and a role change to Junior Project Manager.!! :-)
So yes! May was GREAT. I only hope the rest of the months take a hint from May and be as awesome as they can be. Oh! And I also saw Maya Ravan- the musical dance drama by Shobhana and her crew. I even spoke to her and got an autographed dvd of some of her other performances. Ok so it was only for like 40 seconds but I still spoke to her. And I am thrilled about it! And I got the Maya Ravan dvd also which was out of stock almost everywhere I looked. But a dear friend got it from me and now I am glad that I dont have to watch it on youtube anymore :-) And also, how good does it feel to have that title manager at the end of your role. :P I love it! Makes me feel all good and important and all. I am not concentrating too much on the junior part now ;)
Anyways, thats about it!
I have rambled on enough!
Will try and post something more interesting next time! Hopefully! 

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  1. Reading other blogs is the best timepass. u completely get absorbed in a different world.


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