Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Ten Day Challenge: Day 4 - Seven Wants!!

This one I am going to enjoy writing. :P
The wants are in no specific order and just ones that popped into my head RIGHT NOW. I have a lot more desires that are just waiting to be fulfilled. :-) Anyone listening up there??  
1.     Go back to India for a vacation. Like RIGHT NOW if I could! For a looooonnnnnnggg vacation! I miss my home! :( Its been AGES since I went home!
2.     To learn dance from Shobhana. I have heard that she is a tough teacher but I love her style of dancing. Also to keep learning dancing!
3.     All the books in my wishlist. (And that is one long list I tell you!)
4.     A room in my future house which is big enough to hold all my books, have enough space to dance, and is done entirely in shades of colors that I love and lots of windows and is on the topmost floor.
5.     Small holidays every year, 2-3 times at least visiting new destinations and not always beaches!
6.     To learn swimming so that I can get over my fear of water above nose level. Easier said than done! I know!
7.     To have a slumber party with my girls. :-) like old times! 

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