Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Ten Day Challenge: Day 5 - Six Places!!

And now its day 5 Six places!
Ok! Frankly I dont know what this refers to! Whether its places that I love to be in always, or places that I loved going to, getaway places, or just ones that capture my fancy!
I am going to put here 6 random places from my list because I have a lot of places that I love going to depending on my mood and they all wont fit here on the list!!
Here we go!
1.     Meenakshi Gardens Rajagrha! :-) Also easily referred to as kalam or the farmhouse!! Its the place that I spent a bit of my childhood in and I love this place! It makes me feel all good and nice and warm whenever I visit there lots of trees, and some amazing memories!
2.     Home @ Sumukham. Theres a place that I never get bored these days at! Probably because I dont get to visit and stay there as much as I would like! Yes! I miss home!! Dont rub it in!
3.     Hyderabad! I love that place for a whole lot of reasons. :-) The first flat that we all stayed in, the subsequent move to a PG, the office anecdotes ..
4.     The best place for a getaway for me is a place where there is a lot of quiet around, lots of calmness, lots of trees etc Ashwins home at Kerala is one such place. It is very calm, lots of greenery with a river running along the backside of the home and when it rains, you feel like you are in a hillstation! :-)
5.     Singapore. If I ever had to leave this place, I would miss it sorely. There are so many memories associated with this place, good bad and ugly. But the good outweighs the bad so theres that! All thanks to a great bunch of awesome friends! :D
6.     If theres one place that I would be in, given a choice, it would have to be INDIA. Any place in India works as long as its India. No I am not saying this because I am fiercely patriotic or anything like that. But I love being in India. I love everything about it. I will crib and complain and be disgusted at a lot of things about it but its still home in a larger sense and its the place that I want to go back to after my around the world in a few years  :P :P 


  1. damn woman...u just made me hungry again..

    really like that part : gobi manchurian and fried rice, when u go to an indian the chinese have no idea how we have hijacked their cuisine...

  2. @ tys -- > I think we made it better than their cuisine.. ;) ours is so much more tastier!! ;) :P


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