Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Ten Day Challenge: Day 6 - Five Foods!!

Yes! When you look at me, it will look as though I dont eat much! Actually I dont.. But whatever I like I eat quite well!! 
This is gonna be a short post here goes!
1.     Idichakka Poduthuval  Idichakka is tender jackfruit. Idichakka thoran / poduthuval as we call it at home, is a mouthwatering dish when it is prepared well. Its quite a tedious and messy job cleaning up the jackfruit but the taste compensates for it all.  
2.     Fried rice and Gobi Manchurian  An all time favorite. Its a standard order when we go to Indian restaurants.
3.     Grandmoms Potato curry  I have no idea how a simple dish like this can be turned awesome. And I still cant get it right even when I try my level best. All she does is fry up the potatoes till its golden brown and I can never quite manage to get the same taste how many ever times I try! She makes it all the time when I visit her in Coimbatore and serves it simple rice and ghee. Tastes divine!
4.     Moms Vegetable Pulao  Love this! Of course this one I never tried making. Too much effort and I am as lazy as they come!
5.     Curd Rice and Egg Omelets - :-) This combo rocks! :-) 


  1. btw... today is end of 10 days....and you managed 6/10...not bad at all :)

  2. is day 10 and you managed 6/10. Not bad at all :)


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