Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers!!

So I lost my phone. Yes the same phone that I kept bragging about here. Looks like someone up there thought I was into it a little too much! So there you go! I lost it!
There I was returning from a well-played hour of badminton, super-happy in my winning 3 games out of 4 (looks like I never learn about bragging! Hmm!), and I left the phone in the cab. Funny how these things happen, eh! And usually, I am not a careless person. I take care of my things with a maniac like precision! Serious! The cab driver hurried me into getting out of the cab, I had like a pile of stuff in my hand and thus the phone that was almost-always a part of my arm got left behind! And of all the days that I get a receipt for the cab ride, that day I did not! Mr.Murphy was right with me!! And the worst part!! I noticed that I did not have my phone the minute the cab revved up and left I looked it like I was looking at my best friend speed away! And then I sprinted like Usian Bolt up to my friends place and started pulling out stuff out of my bag in a bid to see if my phone was there somewhere. See in my minds eye, I still could not believe that I had left it in the cab. 
Anyways, what followed after that was a couple of hours of calling my phone, filing reports with the police, the cab company, calling up the bank to see if we can trace the cab through my payment transaction id, changing required passwords, etc etc. Nothing helped, of course! Now I am back to using my old phone, the same old Sony Ericsson Sigh! My contact list on the phone has exactly 10 numbers, close friends and family! I do have a backup of my old numbers, but I am much too lazy right now to enter all those into my new sim card. I feel handicapped sometimes without the 3g. I was addicted to it, to say the least. I am back to using my 1 GB mp3 player.  The one that I got with my first ever salary!! Sure, using the old phone and the player brings back a lot of memories. :-)
The next day after I lost my phone, I was searching for it on my side table the first thing in the morning. Yes!! It was my alarm clock, my music player, my connection to the world, all rolled into one! Right! I know it is just a phone, I know I can replace it with something else; I know there are always alternatives to staying connected! But I also know that I miss my phone and I miss it in my hand! It felt right there! Go ahead; call me a loony-bin! I dont care! So much for the melodrama eh! :-P
Well, until the search for a new phone ends the rock-solid (literally!) Sony Ericsson and the sturdy old Philips player it is!


  1. if u love something, u need to let it go..if ur love is true it will come back...but u kinda lost it , so it doesnt count... :)

    forget it...think of the u can broaden ur horizon and get urself one of those iphone thingy..

  2. Well I to had a similar situation last week, lost my phone in a bus and after a chase for about 30min or so I got it back!
    ...Here I Am!

  3. Hi Aishwarya, I'm a news/features reporter with I would like to speak to you regarding a story I'm doing. Please email me your contacts at:


  4. Did u get a new phone hun? Get a BB. I hear it is addictive. All well otherwise??

  5. @ Abhilash --> Nope that phone is now gone!! :(
    @ Tys --> I had a phone that was better than the iPhone in some aspects... well, am not letting Ashwin off that easily! ;)
    @ Vijay --> Lucky you!!
    @ theladytramp --> Emailed you already!!
    @ Piya --> No BB.. am addicted to android now!! :) :) have not yet bought a phone! maybe in a month or so.. giving ashwin the gap to digest that loss.. ;) and also the future one from his pocket!! :P


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