Thursday, December 1, 2016


Of the person you are and what makes you, Y.O.U.

Of shortcomings that you have tried many a time to change. Of baggage that weighs you down.

Of fears, flaws and failures. And of awareness of those debacles.

Of understanding the puzzles of the jigsaw, trying to see the bigger picture.

Of knowing that some paths may not always lead you down the road you want. 

Of the middle road that you embark on trying to strike a balance.

Of the journey that has been, the one that is prevailing and the one that is yet to originate.

Of learning when to hold on and when to let go.

Of knowing that sometimes you have to put yourself first, and sometimes you can’t always fix what’s wrong.

Of trudging along picking up the pieces, stringing them together in the coloured shards of your life. 

Of insights that what you start may not be finished, of intuitions that what you create may not see the light.

And so, as always, here we are, in the last month of this year.  

A time for reflection, review and to look back on what this year has brought, what to be thankful for and what to learn from …

Happy December Y’All..  

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