Monday, May 26, 2008

The 3 mistakes of my Life - Chetan Bhagat

I did not like it.

It was not as gripping as the first book and definitely does not compare to the second. I found “One night @ the call centre” a little too unrealistic for my liking especially the last part about GOD. But this book beats it all… It’s like a typical Bollywood movie… and that too with all the ingredients … you name it, you have it in here… Love, Passion, Friendship, Betrayal, Fights, Ambition, drama, Sentiments, et al… the entire gamut…!!!

I somewhere heard that Chetan Bhagat said that this is his best book so far and that this will be the best seller of the lot… I don’t think so… I still think “Five Point Someone” was by far the best book of his that I have read…

“The 3 mistakes of my Life” – I found it a little hard to get by… not that I don’t understand the intensity with which the book was written but I still think he could have chosen a better topic for his latest book… It’s been written with a lot of passion and fervor… but somewhere it becomes too melodramatic… and it’s a story that’s been said or heard before… It’s something that you have come across in various forms so many times that it as much feels like old wine in an even older bottle…

I expected something better from the author… and somehow I feel let down by this.


  1. I had half mind to buy this book when i saw it.. but ur review ket coming up in my didnt buy :)

  2. @ Soorya--> hey don't let my review stop u from buying.. go ahead buy it and read it.. maybe u'll enjoy it..! :-)..!!!


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