Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And so a year passes by....

One year at Satyam…!!

One year done and dusted and dealt with!

One year work experience in my resume… :-)

One year of trials & tribulations, wins & losses, joy & sorrow, clarity & uncertainties…. But best of all no regrets!

Little did I know when I joined a year back into this unit called RTLC (Real Time Leadership Centre) in Satyam, that it would be one of the most enriching experiences….

Came in with a lot of doubts, misgivings, qualms in the heart… wondering what this RTLC does, how it would help further my career and how life is going to turn out… Reservations about how I am going to handle Excel, PowerPoint and analysis of which I had no clue about!!! There were even moments on whether I should give it up and go back on bench waiting for an HR opportunity to present itself!! Being a fresher to this world did not help things one bit!!!

But I am so thankful to God that I decided to stick it out… and that in a sense has turned out to be the best decision I have ever taken in my entire life…

And that in return has given the world that I live in a lot more clarity…

A few fresh people I know I will treasure for life…

Some old pals that I have gotten to know better and whom I cherish!!!

And best of all, I discovered the person that I am and that I want to be…!!

Cheers to I ME MYSELF…!! :-)


  1. Whatever happened to my comments on your cirbbing post? That blog is not there are all!! Good thing, you accepted your mistake ;)

  2. @ Anon --> Well.. just one thing to whoever this is... If u thot i wrote it keeping u in mind, u r wrong! and if i needed to tell u this on ur face i wud do it... I removed that blog 'coz it was attracting a lot of attention which i am kinda averse to..! so there!!
    anyways, glad u stopped by...
    c ya tc.

  3. congratulations, ms anitha menon !


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