Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Google... God??!??!!!!?


I don’t know how many of you have come across this on Google…!! Lol…

It is pretty interesting! :-)….

Is Google GOD??...!! Find out for yourself…

This stuff totally broke me up… Hilarious! But true in a twisted sense if you look at it…!!! :-)

Makes for an interesting read in any case… Check it out!!


  1. Kollaam.. Desktop il Google inte oru pottam bekkaa.. Pooja-muriyilum.. Korachu techie poojaarikalem ready aakkanam. Delhi il namakkoru Google Devi Kshetram paniyaam.. Ho! Korey paniyundalo !

  2. @ Rat --> athu sheriya, korey paniyundu... Athenthe delhi il oru kshetram, vere evideyum sthalam kittiyille.!???!

  3. angu kendratheennu thodangaam.. athaanallo lathinte oru lithu ! randaamathethu benel palakkad aayikotte :D


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