Friday, July 11, 2008

The 10 commandments of TV watching!!!!

1. Thou shall not disturb the person watching the programme with ridiculous questions about the programme.

2. Thou shall not bid for the remote control during the programme in any way from the individual watching the same especially if it is a male.

3. Thou shall not ask queries about the serial background, plot, and character sketch if the person watching the programme is a female.

4. Thou shall not display thy ignorance about the various sports in front of the individual watching the sport. (Asking him to teach you the fundamentals of the game is a big NO NO!)

5. Thou shall not make uncalled for comments on the dress, acting, speech, personality or the way a person plays a sport during the programme. (Any such action can be initiated only when the Individual watching the programme starts it!)

6. Thou shall not eat or drink thereby making munching/slurping noises and disturbing the individual watching the programme.

7. If by chance during a sport, the place that thou sit proves to be beneficial for our side, then thou shall not move a muscle until the sport is over. (Non-willingness to do so will result in verbal/non-verbal consequences).

8. Thou shall not ask stupid questions to the person watching the programme avidly.

9. Thou shall learn to abide by the body-language of the person watching the programme thereby understanding how to behave in the vicinity.

10. Thou shall understand that sometimes it’s better to keep thy mouth shut and do thy work than putting thy nose into someone else’s business… (Here watching tv!)

Disclaimer: These have been put together after a lot of discussion and some personal experiences...! Any point if it seems to point to any person, it is purely deliberate and intentional.


  1. back to old ways eh girl...sad..i must say... a waste of talent in texting the mundane and the moribund....wish u cud turn ur torch within..s i wish for myself..

  2. By sheer co-incidences, even I was thinking about some of the rules to be followed while watching TV, over the last weekend;) Good compilation!

  3. @ Silencekilled --> What are the chances??! :-) thanks for the comment anyways :)

  4. I have a habit to comment a lot! and I guess, soon one of my roomies will give me properly, if I don't stop doing that...So, I guess, ur 10-commandments-of-tv-watching will save me ;)

  5. @ Silencekilled --> be careful.. i tried commenting with my roomie and well.. she almost threw a fit!! ;-)


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