Friday, July 25, 2008

This is a Reality Show?!!?!?

The newest show on the block – Splitsvilla in MTV … Okie it’s not exactly a new show; I guess it’s been running for quite some time now… I happen to catch the shows once in a while which is like almost every time I change the channel to MTV… they seem to be telecasting it on a regular basis (read: minimum twice everyday!) in order to increase the viewership or in my opinion to make the show “not-so-famous”… the theme is about this 20 girls vying for the attention and love of the 2 guys …. The guys decide who gets dumped.. basically meaning to say, any girl who shows “attitude”; who does not wear skimpy clothes; who is fair enough to call a spade a spade; who has got some sort of “class”; and who basically does not kowtow to the guys… gets dumped and that too publicly… fair is it not??!?!

The girls are a mélange of models, professionals, students etc... the guys are ex-roadies (yup.. that does so much give them the authority to judge who’s the better girl of the lot!!)… Now that says it all… this is one step ahead of roadies… the girls do everything in their power to entice, woo, play hard, get closer, flatter, fall over, attract, allure and do some more of luring to get the guys into their Venus fly-trap.. Amazing… except that the guys have a few games themselves in their mind… the girls dress skimpily, behave like total bitches, basically act like total losers to get the guys attention and make sure they are not dumped…

I am so totally amazed by the fact that there are girls who are actually willing to go on TV and blatantly do stuff like this… but I just do not get the point… is it for being called gutsy?? To gain respect?? To be popular?? Or is the fact that they want to publicize the fact that they are part of the “modern-girl-brigade”?? in any case, I think they are way off mark if this is what they want… or if they are stupid enough to come with some kind of crappy excuse like “it’s because the guys are cute”… well.. I do not want to comment on that.. (Phew!) More so than that, I am just wondering how these girls’ families react every time they watch their girl on TV stooping to such antics to persuade a couple of guys not to dump them… given the fact that they will be gaining 5Lakh rupees for this whole circus, I think its utterly STUPID. But of course that’s just my opinion!! And whatever happened to the self-esteem, respect and sense of worth that girls possess today?? And to think these are actually girls who have had respectable backgrounds, highly regarded families, excellent opportunities to make something of themselves in their lives….

All I can say is Poor things!!!

I pity them!

And I hope and pray that God delivers their families from the disappointment and shame that they must be undergoing!!! (If at all they do! - at this point I’m not sure of that either!)


  1. rightly said !
    MTV is now Moron's TV. Once I happened to see a song being played on this channel, and I made sure, everyone in the house got to see this phenomenon..
    Tune into 9xm. The 'keetaanu's and the bheegi billi's are better. And they play good songs.

  2. Well written..I guess the girls who actually do such stunts just want to highlight their “modern-girl-brigade” image and which they think is really cool.

  3. Even I wonder, how these girls can act like that on national TV...And how their families react, when they see their daughters acting in such lowly ways... And yes, most of the time, it is the girl with right attitude and a bit of sensibilty, who actually gets dumped!

  4. @ Rat, Ashwin and Silencekilled --> Join the club... next step would be to showcase how MTV is actually a youth channel..!! :O

  5. well to be honest...i like the girls on this yes, dumb yes, some of em definitely...but wat v miss out on is that some of these shows r a reflection of the human mind...the insecurities that these women have, even ones that r just a window by which we degrading can ppl get by a lil competition thrown into their lives with a lot of greed... v r not any different..v all have our lil contests in life...sometimes shows mirror us..sometimes v mirror shows...FRIENDS worked both ways..Splitsvilla is not a no brainer.... v watch the show inspite of ourselves..v judge the people...v critiscise...v wonder how we wud have done betr under the situation...only b cos v identify....and mind you this shows on cos of the TRP ratings..not anything else...

    Caliban's fury at his reflection is not be blamed on the mirror....


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