Friday, July 25, 2008

Lunch @ Lounge Habits!!!

Lunch today was outside…. A kind of team building initiative as along with a pending treat… 2 birds in one stone concept!!! :P So anyways, it was at this new swanky place little close to office called “Lounge Habits”…. We reached there… and the place was more or less empty… well guaranteed that it is a new place and so a lot lesser people would have heard of it and therefore the minority there… the place is quite a eye-catcher what with orange colored paint on the walls, a pool table, a TT table (that sounds funny – a table tennis table!!), hookahs, movie cds, games and the whole gamut… all set to attract people…

Ritzy victuals on the menus – mainly Mexican, American and Italian food including the likes of pasta, risotto, sizzlers, fajitas etc… the main problem was that the chow took eons in coming to the table… we were waiting, waiting, and still waiting, twiddling our thumbs, talking endlessly, waiting for the extraordinary cuisine to be served… the waiters would bring one order at a time, tempting our taste buds and then go back in leaving us salivating for more… but this was only for the starter items… we gobbled them up like we were from Somalia and we had not seen food in quite a long time… once the main course orders were placed, we were left waiting for them like sinners waiting for salvation… the ones who had ordered for the sizzlers were kind of sizzling in the face when they were waiting and once the food came (finally it did come!) they were sizzling from the mouth and the ears… just the smoke was missing!!! The expressions on the faces of my colleagues were worth watching when the exotic items were brought to the table… picture perfect I would say!!! :P

Interesting items on the dessert menu except that most were not available (including my cheesecake! :-()…. I ordered for a cappuccino and when it was served, the maître d' asked me whether it was good… probably he was preparing it for the first time!!! :P but the desserts were good considering the fact that they were brought in from outside… and in all fairness to the guy, the coffee was good…

It was quite funny actually… and a lot of fun too..!! (to be understood in 2 different senses!)

Quite a team building initiative it turned out to be… we as a team decided we would never visit there again… unanimously… collectively…


  1. My God!
    Plz save me from going there.
    I can eat anything except that food.

  2. Hello Aishwarya

    This is Sasikanth. I am the CEO of Lounge Habits.

    I was just checking the internet and came across your blog about Lounge Habits. It felt terrible, I must say :)

    However I would like to let you know that we are one of the few who take every feedback seriously and works on improvising it a lot. We have come far ahead compared to what we were in July (our footfalls every day have increased by 100%!, our repeat customer base and word-of-mouth customer base is at least 60% of our daily visitors!)

    Except for the ambience of the 2nd floor restaurant, the rest all we have improved upon and made it good. This concern too would be addressed in a few days.

    I regret the experience you and your team have gone through. I would like to really make-up for it. Please be my guest for a one hour free WII experience at the lounge any day morning (with prior notice, I could be called/SMSed on 09989927622). I would also be glad to extend a 20% discount on your lunch buffet or breakfast buffet.


    PS: Could you also please give me Shaddy's (ref: the above comment)contact, if you know him/her.


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