Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Little Sunshine Time...

Ever encountered these species of people who contradict anything and everything that you say…. I mean whatever you say irrespective of which topic it is they just have to contradict it… counter it… and they will still do it even if they know nothing about the topic or the subject… not something that I can easily stand…

And you try to tell them “sorry boss!! U r actually wrong! That’s not what it is!” Nopes…!!! The individual is obviously gloating in his/her own little sunshine time that whatever we say just bounces off them… such thick-skinned creatures I have just had the privilege of meeting…

If you don’t know something then have the humility to accept that you don’t know it and learn it… instead of that you are just curbing your own knowledge if you keep thinking that you everything about it… and even if it’s a topic that you are well-versed with, you cannot possible know everything that is there to know about that particular area. Admit the fact that some people might – just might – know something about the subject that you could learn. Sounds like a typical case of thinking that your glass is full…

There is always something or the other to learn about everything… Things that you would never have known otherwise... Why have a closed mind and restrict your thinking!!! I don’t understand why they simply have to oppose whatever anyone says… I hope they do not think that we think that they are learned or well-versed or whatever… On the contrary… "Yoohoo buddy!!! Time for reality!!!"

Over the days I am getting to meet quite a lot of these kinds of people and some of them being people I thought highly about… talk about being bombarded with “Hi, I would like to be a part of the limelight too…”


  1. @ Rat --> yeah ;-)... got frustrated in office..! :P

  2. I used to have lunch with one such person earlier...So, I know, how it is to deal with them... My grandfather advices me a better way to deal with such people...he says, when they are arguing, just don't respond, instead smile. That will irritate them ;)

  3. @ SilenceKilled --> I'll try that out sometime :)..!! but it is quite irritating when they do that! :P

  4. Agreed.
    Small tip- Plz dont listen to them, neither ignore them. instead think something else in ur mind. Dnt argue with them, they won't listen.


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