Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things that I don’t understand!!

› Why is that when you are a girl/woman in the corporate world (especially if you are not part of the upper management) people tend to take whatever you say on any subject a little less seriously than they do with guys/men? Is it that their ego can’t take a girl talking about politics/science/stocks/technology as good as any other person well-versed in them or is it just that ‘Bah! She’s a girl… what would she know about such stuff’ kind of thought process?

› Why do some people talk as though they carry the burden of the entire world on their fragile shoulders and talking about the better good etc … If I am not commenting on whatever your thoughts are and I say whatever I think, why do they give me that look of derision as though I am committing a crime thinking just about whatever my life is concerned with?

› Why do some people have to always butt in with their opinions on whatever 2 other people are discussing?

› Why do people have to do a post-mortem on stuff that has happened ages after it happened? Can’t they just let it be?
(to be contd.)


  1. Got any answer ?
    Why do you always have so many questions ?
    Why do you always have so many no-answer questions ?

  2. @ Rat --> No answers yet! as for my questions... I think i am curious by nature... ;-)..!


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