Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yay for all women!!! :-) (and some men too!)

So there you go!

Someone finally thought up of something to kick some people right up their asses and what an idea!!

Yay for all women and men part of this! Hats off to you all and kudos too… Congratulations are in order too… good for you… nice… well done..!

God bless you!

For all the others who want to know more….

Here’s the idea and the link….

The ‘Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward Women’ ---> visit this for more info…

I am just sorry I heard about this so late… but then Better Late Than Never..! :-)


  1. :-P
    (thalkaalam ivide nirthunnu!)

  2. @ Rat--> nirthalle..! it's fun getting ur comments and that too after such a long break..! :P

  3. commenting nirthi ennalla.. commenting jaari hai (read that in Hindi). But for this article, the comment stops at a smiley. Thats all your owner :-s


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