Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can someone help??

Any of you happened to see 'Luck by Chance?'

I did and I also wrote a review about it a week or so back.

Anyways, so if you have watched the movie you would remember the last few scenes where Farhan comes to talk to Konkona and apologize for whatever happened and talk about getting back together. And she refuses him. Reason being, when he talked so fervently about what he could do with his life with her in it, she failed to understand what her life would contain apart from giving him support and standing by his side, in sickness and health and all that!

Am I the only one who could relate to that or was there nothing in that scene?

I mean, a couple of days back, me and a colleague were having a discussion on the movie, especially on this scene and he said that there was no point in having that scene. Apparently because the film was made by a woman, it was warranted that there should be a woman-centric scene in the movie which would give the heroine a bit of standing. Now what was that?? Seriously! The hero was ‘oh-so-passionately’ describing about how his life would be with her and the girl gets blamed because she refuses his offer to spend the rest of their lives together. Where did that come from? I mean, how come no one else caught the subtle point that the guy was talking only about HIS life and HIS aspirations and all that, what about the girl’s life??? HER individuality? HER life before she came into his life?? Suddenly all that becomes a closed chapter is it? And is that not what the heroine asks the hero too….

And so we get branded saying – “Ah… you’re a feminist… that’s why you have that opinion!” Oh wow! So basically the fact that I relate to the scene because I am independent and I maintain my individuality makes me a feminist…

I am somehow losing that thin line of distinction here…

Can someone help!??!?


  1. Yet to watch !
    Until then, no comments.

  2. @ Rat-->Watch it and then I expect a comment ;)

  3. Hey, I too liked her reply...That was so well thought...
    Maybe, we are always fed with the notion, that a woman is there to support a man...But, what are his responsibilities? No lectures, ever on that ;)


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