Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Of Books and Movies!

Yup… so it’s been a while since I posted something..! Not for lack of time or anything… but for lack of topics..!
Watched a couple of movies… read some books…
Here is my take on them!

Slumdog Millionaire
I saw the movie and then I read the book. So fair enough to say that I had a lot of expectations from the book (I believe that any movie made on a book is bound to be much below expectations than the book!). In this case though, I found them both starkly different. Yeah given that the storyline and the premise on which the movie is made is the same as the book. But there is a lot more in the book than which is depicted in the movie and for once I liked the movie better than the book. I felt that the book was too filmy. There are parts in the book that feel a bit dragging when compared to the movie which is crisp and in which the actors have done a great job. Commendable, to say the least. Of course changing the name of the book to cash in on the publicity of the movie sure helped the sales! The book was out of stock for about 3 weeks in all major book chains. The fact that some of our prominent celebrities made a hue and cry about the movie is a little too silly because some parts of our country are like that. Not portraying the other face of our country is not akin to hiding it. But all said and done, I liked the movie and I liked the book but both for different reasons!

Luck by Chance
Nice movie! One time watch! Great songs! Good acting! And very very similar to Madhur Bhandarkar’s realistic movies. It brought together quite an unusual pairing in Konkona and Farhan and they both did a great job in their respective roles. I liked the character of Abhi as well. Portrayed very well…
But somehow at the end of the movie I was left with this question as to whether the movie talked mainly about Konkona or Farhan! Given that it showed the nitty-gritty of a struggling actor, the end of the movie quite depicted as though it was Konkona’s life under the scanner or was it!?!
I am still confused. But I liked the movie though I thought Hrithik’s character was a total waste in the movie.
The song ‘Sapnon se bhara naina’ is amazing! And sung extraordinarily!

One Fine Day
Yup… the pretty old movie starring George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer is beautiful. I so totally fell in love with Clooney’s character. He is so endearing and charming in a very weird way. And the last scene where they both fall asleep on the couch is cute! :-)
On the list to watch is ‘Dev D’ (heard drastically different reviews about this one from a whole lot of people), Arundhati (a Telugu supernatural thriller), Koncham Ishtam Koncham Kashtam (Siddharth’s new movie), Wanted, …. Etc etc..!!!


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  2. SDG is a good movie, no doubt. Got lot to tell on this (obviously, none about the book.. Books and me are arch-rivals). Need to find time to write it up!

  3. @ Rat--> Please do! I guess after the 'sabbatical' u must be having quite a lot of topics to write on.. :P

  4. True! So many topics, but so lil time ! Yesterday night I picked up my pen (okay, make it 'laptop') but then ended up dozing right on the space-bar :-S
    A blog full of spaces was no fun. So deleted it :P


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