Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A walk in the rain...

I like rains.

Not the heavy downpours. Oh well! Them too sometimes! But only when I am in my cozy room with a hot mug of tea by my side watching the rains pelt down!!

But mostly I love the light drizzles. Especially at night. When you can see them twinkling under the light of the lamp posts. When you can walk under them and not really get soaked to the skin, but get just a little wet, like you have been through one of those rapids or those fun rides at an amusement park. The ones that leave you glistening like you just had some dew drops fall on you. Those ones.

They are magical. They are captivating.

They make me feel special. Alive almost. When they hit me, I like to hold my face up to the sky and have them fall on my face, each one rolling off like they belong there but then again like they don’t. Reminiscent of how invariably they leave their mark even if they have rolled off. A streak of the water droplets running through my face. And not in the form of tears. Now if that’s not bliss, I don’t know what is!

My Christmas – 2012 was like this.

Faint drizzles, a solitary avenue, flashes of rain shimmering under the yellow light of the lamp posts, melodious music from the phone I carry with me always and a slow, silent, introspective walk. It was beautiful. It filled me with a sense of calm. A sense of peace after a long time.

A week after that was New Year’s. Readers of this space will know how much I have been looking forward to 2013.

These things are significant to me. Festive Days, New Year’s, Birthdays, Key dates, Milestones… they are important to me.  To me, they mark a new beginning. A fresh start. At any time during the year. It’s my way of seeing that things can start afresh however bad they have been so far.

New Year’s was close to perfect as well. It drizzled again. I held my face up to the sky.

It’s definitely a new beginning.

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