Monday, February 3, 2014

Getaway Weekend - Day 18, 19 and 20 of the 100 Happy Days Challenge :) :)


15 days since my last post on the 100 happy days challenge!

If you count today as well too!! But then I am going to post today (as you can well see) so that means that effectively its only 14 days.

And I am going to post about the last 3 days which is Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Jan 31, Feb 1 and Feb 2) which means I only missed the last 11 days!! And since I am posting for the last 3 days today and there will be no post for today... It means I missed 12 days.. Or not? :-/ 

Did you get my math? You didn’t? Never mind neither did I!!! I got confused myself... Oh well! I never was any good at math!!! :D :D

So let’s just say, I missed the last 2 weeks, and I am re-kick starting (if that’s a word!!) the challenge again!!

Attempt number 2!! Bring it on!!

Before you ask me why I missed the last few days… I can cite any number of reasons… laziness, bad mood, lots of work, lack of time, no energy, etc etc… but it all boils down to the one thing that I didn’t feel the mojo to write anything. Not that I wasn’t happy any of those days I missed… but that somehow, the effort to put the happiness down into words was lacking. And now after a super duper getaway, I have found the mojo again (or so I hope!!) … and this time I am going to relentlessly stick onto this and see how far it’s going to take me. :D :D

So yes.. Last 3 days.. It was a long weekend here, and off we went to Bintan in Indonesia.

And what did I do these 3 days…
  • I slept. A lot. Like a log.
  • I started a new book. The book thief by Markus Zusak. Of course didn’t make too much progress but I still did read about a 100 pages. :-)
  • I ate. Properly and to my hearts’ content.
  • I sat by the beach with the rest of the others, soaking in the deep salty air and enjoying the wind playing havoc with my hair.
  • I did archery. For the first time. And got a bruise to show for it as well. :-) :-)
  • I rode an ATV. Another first. That’s an All-Terrain-Vehicle. Something that I came to know of in this trip. And can I tell you that it is really hard for midgets and weaklings like me. Phew!! But it was still fun!!
  • Got a traditional Balinese massage done. Idyllic. And so very relaxing. :-) :-)
  • And the finale was the experience on the jet-ski. This wasn’t my first on a Jet Ski but it was the first in terms of a very thrilling ride ;-) :-P quite enjoyable if you ask me… ;-)

And in all this time here, I clicked just the one pic that you see below.

This was my most favorite spot of the entire time there. We didn't exactly stay here though we spent most of the time the last three days around here. 

The waves. The wind. The color of the sea. The blue skies. And the company. :-)

That’s what is called a perfect vacation. :-) :-)

Here’s to many more of those this year! :-) :-) Cheers… 

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  1. u r sweet buddy i juzt luv ur blog and u gud continue blogging


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