Friday, February 28, 2014

The end of February and a few more days of 100 Happy Days Challenge!! :) :) :) Days 22 - 31!! :) :)

So February’s come to a close … It’s already 2 months into 2014 and I get this feeling that this year is flying by so fast! :) :)

And my Happy Days Challenge is drawing short breaths and trying its level best to stay alive… It’s doing slightly better (only slightly though!) in the Instagram space… At least I am posting random pictures there on and off, in spite of not writing anything here…

Can you believe this?

In a span of 2 months (maybe a few days less), I have only posted for 21 days…

Very bad. Very bad.  I know! :) But you know what I realized..

One – it’s very very difficult to be happy every day.

Two – it’s very very difficult to find and figure out if and what makes you happy every day.

This is ongoing. Some days are awesome and you find that you wake up with a smile on your face, a song in your heart and a lilt to your step … and on others you wake up looking like something the cat dragged in, all weary and tired and even if you have slept fitfully the entire night, the very thought of shuffling your feet to work and enduring a long day makes you want to go back to bed and curl up and just lie there… no motivation… no mojo… no nothing!

But then I am going to give this another shot. Famous last words, yes I know! But also, a personal effort to try and keep this up, thanks to some feedback I have been getting. And trust me; they make me feel really nice! Just the fact that there are a few people out there, who follow this space and read whatever junk I spew out, I am glad... And thankful... Also very very grateful to all those who have reached out to me asking me about this challenge… I OWE YOU GUYS BIG TIME! You make me want to write and that is a BIG THING! :)

So yes! February! Short month, quick month and a mixed one at that! :)

Lots happening on the work front (looks like people tend to work a lot after Chinese New Year!!), a dance performance for the local Chingay event, some great evenings with friends, and some cringe-worthy days as well…

So this is my mish-mash for the Happy Days Challenge for whatever happened in Feb!! :)

Disclaimer: This is going to be a picture intensive post!

Day 22  - Quotes like these!!!

Quotes like these make me go all 100-watt smiles beaming like a Cheshire cat! :)

This year is also going to be about spreading the love for dance – that’s a note to self as well!!

Day 23 – 28 – Dance Baby Dance! :)

The practice sessions with the ladies. The synchronization efforts. The fun. The laughter. The dress try-outs. The dress rehearsals. The thrill of being up on stage. That feeling of a 100 butterflies in the tummy. The first beat of the song. The qualms disappearing.

Being up on the stage that I call my second home. My Mothership! :)

A bit of Dandiya. A bit of Garba. A whole lot of happiness.

Day 29 – Full Moon in all her glory! :)

Her. Shining in the starlit sky. Like a big old lantern in the space. 

I had gone for a walk that evening, getting some milk, talking to my folks, when I noticed her. In all her glory. Caught a glimpse through some trees. Tried to take a few dozen snaps. I am simply lousy at night photography. Not that I am great shakes at day shots. But you get the drift. So then after a few tries, I gave up when I saw this okay-okay shot I got! :) Good enough for me!

Day 30 – Jaago Re!

TATA TEA LIFE – My most favorite of all tea brands! It has all those spices and stuff mixed into the tea powder – Brahmi, Cardamom, Tulsi, and Ginger etc. And has a slightly bitter taste (just perfect for me!) if you add just a tad too much tea to the boiling water. I grabbed this packet from the shop counter, as soon as I saw it, without even checking to see if someone else had kept it there… The shopkeeper must have thought I was weird. I was checking the basket to see if it was still there, on and off.

Ok! I know what you are thinking... What a nutcase!! Right! But then, I can’t find this damn brand anywhere these days and I have been craving for this for a while now. Yes! I know! I am a certified loony!! Go ahead say it, I don’t care! I have a packet of TATA TEA LIFE for the next couple of months! :D :D

Day 31 – Twinkle twinkle all the way!

Twinkle Twinkle little stars… Pretty pretty lights...  Up in the ceiling…

They kept changing the colors :D  and it was so so so good to just look up and keep watching them.

I am so gonna have one of these in my home whenever that is! :)

I am a chump for these kinds of things. :) I have no idea why… but small things like these fill me with these little bubbles of grins.

Same goes for fireworks! But another post is dedicated specially to them! :)

That’s it for Feb my dearies...

Dance. Sing. Live.

Lots of love, lots of peace and a whole lot of hope, fingers crossed, rabbit’s foot and horses’ shoe to keep the challenge going! :) :) 

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