Sunday, January 19, 2014

Clarke Quay & Zumba Workouts - Day 16 & 17 of the 100 Happy Days Challenge.

I think this day late thing has stuck on to me now… miss one day and then the lag continues…

So today’s posts are going to be for both Day 16 and Day 17.  :) :)

Day 16 - Clarke Quay 

Have you been to Clarke Quay in Singapore? It’s the hub of the nightlife here. Popular place and our once-upon-a-time-adda of night outs and parties and pleasures… I have very fond memories of this place… it was my long ago hangout time, a place for having a good time… Clarke Quay is the place that got me hooked onto pubs and dancing and letting my hair loose. We have spent entire nights there having endless conversations and pulling each other’s’ legs. Such good times!!  Such memorable times! :-)

There are a couple of clubs there that used to be our favorite haunts for dancing… Cuba Libre and Pump Room being among them..  I loved the then-live band at Cuba. And on weekends you have some amazing dancing crowd there. Latino beats mainly. And Pump Room is a mix of all popular genres… great beats again!
We visited the place last night. Brought back fond memories. :D :D

Day 17 – ZUMBA fitness workout! :)

Thousands of emotions well up inside me throughout the day.
They are released when I dance.
-Abraham Lincony

I rejoined my ZUMBA Workout classes today. Such an exhilarating feel it was. I also learnt how much out of shape and stamina I am! To get through that one hour fitness routine was literally painful. Add to it the fact that I didn’t have my shoes today and I was dancing barefoot. But guess what, it’s all good. Because the feeling you get at the end of it…. Wonderful!!! It is a pleasurable pain when muscles you knew were existing and dormant in you start making their presence felt… :-) Loved the feeling… always love it!! Dancing always gives me a high… whether it is for a workout routine or for a stage show or just simple clubbing.

In that sense, these two happiness factors are combined for the posts… for me Clarke Quay is symbolic of the dancing and the fun with friends, more than the drinking and of course Zumba, goes without saying…. 

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