Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let's go Shopping ;-)

Hmmm... SHOPPING and MEN!!!

You know, tell that to most men and you’ll get an eye rolling-face expression like “oh god! Here we go again! God help me get through this alive please!!” … that’s like asking them to commit suicide..!!! And sometimes they also almost leave skid marks at the very mention of it..!! :-) I have noticed this with a lot of my guy friends… they say all the crap about how long a girl takes to shop and how they have to suffer along with all that and then they have to lug the stuff around and all that… but then tell them it’s ok that they don’t need to accompany us, they will pull a long face and put all sentiments and stuff and still come with us..!! Now what do u make out of that??

Now when we get to the shop it’s quite another story by itself… you are subjected to weird comments on how bad that dress looks or how it would not suit us or how that color is such a dull color or how we already have the similar dress similar color… not just this… you can also view all sorts of expressions on their faces ranging from boredom to disgust to irritation… and on top of all this, sessions and lectures on how much time we take to shop for one small thing and how we make the sales guy show us a zillion stuff and how we move on from shop to shop looking for that one elusive thing in the end coming back to the first shop and selecting from there itself after all the roaming around…. Oops I forgot the price factor :P let us not even go there :P

It’s quite entertaining come to think of it… :-)… I quite enjoy the comments which we get on all the things from A to Z in the shop…!! :P hehehehe… it makes the dreary job of shopping a little more fun..!! :P but sometimes it does get irritating as well…

Ah! Well! I am contradicting myself…

Whatever!! I am not much into shopping myself anyways… ;-)


  1. is this a blog, or an extension of the comments section, supposed to be written elsewhere :-S

  2. @ RAT --> However u wanna look at it... i thot it would do good as a blog ;) too long to be just a comment.. :)

    wats up? :-)

  3. Smoke detector, sprinkler, lighting panel, among many other things...

  4. @ RAT --> Oh gr8!! :-S... I shud've expected that outta u when i asked that question.. Lol..!!

  5. Thatz bad sign! I hate to be predictable.. Wilfred Peter once said that the humanitarian consideration of the peripheral antropy ceases to exist when the probability of analytical inquisitiveness tends to unity

  6. @ RAT --> hehehe... can't help it.. ;) but Wilfred Peter is quite something else huh.. my command over the queen's language ain't that gr8..!! :)


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