Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The truth about Man and Woman!!!

I sent out this forward to my colleagues and a couple of friends..!!.. it was meant to be a joke.. like all the other men and women stuff that gets forwarded putting down each gender... though this time around the result was a little too obvious .... for more information read the paper cutting..!! Normally when such stuff are sent out no one bothers to reply.. people are kinda used to the these "men-women-chauvinistic-forwards" that they just read and are done with it...

But not with this one...!!

This one got a little too much of notice... it also got a lot of responses... mostly from MEN...!! :)

The female clan was happy that the feminine gender was praised and their ego boosted etc..!! and the male clan.. well i guess it pricked their ego a bit for the forward portrayed GOD as a WOMAN..!!! :)

But all said and done... The forward was quite enjoyable..! :) i must say, it sure did boost my ego ;)

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