Monday, March 24, 2008

Roadies on MTV

There’s this show on MTV called Roadies. It is supposedly the longest running reality series on Indian Television. It’s basically about this gang of some twenty-something guys and gals going on a road trip across the country on bikes and they perform adventure tasks to earn money and keep voting out one of their team until there are only 2 left…
It’s quite interesting to watch if that kind of stuff appeals to you. But what’s more interesting to watch is how these people got chosen out of the hundreds and thousands of people who applied and went for auditions. Raghu (executive producer of the show) and Nikhil (MTV VJ) kinda took out all their frustrations and irritation on all those people who auditioned… they made them do bizarre things and analyzed them, questioned them so much that at the end of it the session, the person is left feeling that he is the scum of earth and with such a low-esteem that he is not going to win in life! But all said and done, it’s only right to say that maybe they did what they did to find the right people on the show, people with a passion for life, a zest for adventure and someone with a backbone (figuratively speaking).
Of course 13 people were chosen. 7 guys and 6 girls. Good for them!
The day the show started, technically speaking the journey started all that we’ve been subject to is the bitchy, state-specific, strategy masterminds on the show… each one of them thinks to no end of themselves, about how good they are and how they can vote out everyone else who is not worth to be part of their elite gang… I mean, it’s either Delhi people gelling together or the girls bitching and fighting amongst themselves, the guys trying to figure out the strategy etc etc..
In between all this, the “adventure zest”, the spunk for taking on life, the whole point of performing well on the tasks is lost somewhere I feel… all each one wants to do is get the better of others, give the rest of them their “just desserts” and go on to be the 2 of the roadies left finally…
You can see a whole range of bitching, flirting, taking advantage of others, back-stabbing, etc etc... on the show!!! It’s funny to see the way Shambhavi flirts with Nihal trying to get close to him (all the while saying openly it’s her strategy), Anmol and Prabhjot fighting over who wears padded and who does not, Ashu and Ayaz and Sonel being the supposedly silent spectators.. Whew! You won’t get bored, trust me!
Sometimes you wonder why all these people were chosen. I mean half of them do not have that “never-say-die” attitude that’s required in a ROADIE. Oh yes! You do get glimpses of it here and there in a few people (for eg: Nihal in the last episode when he answered Vikrant’s taunts with pure action and that too passionate action.. the way he chopped that plank off was worth watching!)… But most of the time it’s just all words and no play…!!! Hollow words…
But at the end of the day, it’s fun to watch how these people take things on…
Mindless for some people, no sense of purpose in watching it … so don’t watch it!!! No one’s forcing you to… :D
But I love watching it and never miss an episode if I can help it!! :)
I mean at the end of it, it’s just pure fun in the idiot box..!! :D


  1. I too wanted to write in my page, a line or two about this 'super natural show' on Planet Earth. I shouldnt deny the fact that this is one highly educative show, where in you get to learn any 4-letter Eng, 5-letter Hindi, or 6-letter Arabic words that you missed during college days. My roomie used to watch it w/o fail, and since we dont hav the luxury of a TV2, we too used to. In one of the auditions, I saw Nikhil slapping a would-be Roadie. I dint watch the show after that. I see more realities around me, than on Roadies Slap Show. And if that doesnt pacify me, I tune into News Channels :D
    [ AND I HATE COMMENT MODERATION!!! ] (Who is forcing me anyways!!)

  2. @ RAT --> Well.. yeah there was this guy whom nikhil slapped who ultimately made into the ROADIES..

    but whatever.. its good to watch..! the equation among ppl is fun to watch :D

  3. What is the equation ? (a+b)^2 = a^2 + b^2 + 2ab ?
    (bad bad joke. dont even bother to reply. over over )

  4. @ RAT --> ARGH..!!! :D.. too much.. !!


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