Monday, March 31, 2008


I saw RACE yesterday in the company of my roomie and a cupla friends.

Before I went for the movie, like any other person, I asked those who had seen the movie how it was… Some said it was like a comic movie, some said that it was nothing gr8, some said that it was not at all what was expected… and to top it all I happened to read the ending on the rediff movie review… enough to put out anyone huh??!!!?

It was actually an impulsive decision to watch the movie… call it a ‘Sunday-evening-with-nothing-better-to-do’ … we went to watch the movie… buying tickets in black..!!
It was worth it…

I sincerely enjoyed the movie. It’s got a whole lot of twists and turns and some more twists and turns… every 15 mins u r exposed to yet another twist in the tale, yet another facet of a character, yet another way people actually turn out to be in life…!! The movie plows through the entire plethora of emotions available in Indian cinema.. Love, hatred, rivalry, betrayal, passion, action, you name it, you have it..!!!

Of course, it has been made like a wannabe-English-action-thriller with all the cars being blown up, murder contracts being given out and all that… But to give credit for the same, it has been made technically well… and damn stylishly too… the actresses and the actors look all posh and sexy and sophisticated… the characters are all the high society….drive posh cars, and drink champagne and all that…

Saif has a sexy secretary – Katrina… He is in love with a model – Bipasha, He has a good-for-nothing-drunkard younger brother in Akshaye Khanna, a detective who keeps eating fruits all through the movie – Anil Kapoor, and his sidekick Sameera Reddy who is made to look like a dumb blonde….!!!
Put them all together; add a few zillion twists and you have RACE…

But all said and done, I really enjoyed the movie… it was great timepass for 2.5 hours and it made for a good evening out..!!
Watch it once… have no expectations and you’ll enjoy it… don’t try to compare it with any of those English action movies that you have watched and leave behind all logic and reasoning when you watch it… don’t ask how did that happen, when did that come in, what was the use of this character etc etc… and chances are you’ll come away from the movie enjoying it….

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