Friday, April 25, 2008


Funny how people react to the very word called “APPRAISALS”…

Appraisal season is in full swing and I can see a multitude of changes in my colleagues and they way they act and behave in this spell!

Suddenly there’s too much of work to be done in units where there are practically no work at all… all of a sudden, all conversations (tea breaks, lunch, even just hanging out together) are only about who’s going to get what rating, who all are eligible for promotions, pay hike and what not… who is whose competition and what rating would I be getting…!!?!?!?

People who used to swagger in at half past ten and eleven etc are now prompt on time to office… people who used to shirk or twitch at the very mention of work are now craving for something to be done so that they get visibility – be it whatever – even something so cheesy like preparing the minutes of a meeting.. :P… people who used to leave earlier than the working hours are now staying back even if there’s nothing to do in the hope that their superiors notice it…

I mean, the antics that they do… accompanying the superiors on their coffee breaks (more like a puppy tail-wagging its master), dropping in those high-fundoo words at odd moments between meetings (sometimes it’s so much on a different context altogether that they end up making a fool of themselves!!), making sure that they are seen in the presence of prominent people in the office thereby giving an impression that they are in the essence of things… Phew!!

Rumors get floated about… Long-standing friendships are under scrutiny… the ‘friends-turned-foes-turned-friends’ scenario is common, team mates who worked with good coordination and synchronization start competing with each other… And god forbid! If you heard someone say that this so & so person has a good chance of getting such a rating… whew! Let’s not even go there…

Hmmm... Maybe because this is my confirmation appraisal I am not too worried about it… Maybe this time next year I’ll be in their shoes and then I can see what the fuss is all about :D

Till then, Ciao…

Hope you all have a good appraisal and you get the promotion, hike, rating that you desire ;)


  1. Appraisals, this year, would be mere name-sake drama. With the market doing progress south-bound (or so they claim) they would by all chance limit pay hikes (if any) to less than 15% (Am I being too optimistic here!!! 15 is a big number :D )
    ATB on your conf appr

  2. @ RAT --> hehehe.. whatever..:) but u shud really see the way the people act.!!! :P

  3. True. Our appraisal day was Friday. And on Thursday, Mr B took Mr V to a treat. And no parle milky bar for guessing who reports to who :-D
    Anyways, no complaints, coz a few other souls like me too were honorary guests for the treat :-))

  4. Afterall, the basic logic behind doing such idiotic stuffs boils down to the answer to one question "What do we work for!" ... Financial independence, standing on ur own feet, living a free life..all, in the end means the same, more money :D
    Just see it this way... pre-appraisal days, u make urself a fool consciously... on the othe rdays of the year, u r still a fool..just that u don't realise u r one :-p


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