Thursday, April 3, 2008

Krazzy 4 ... who's better Hrithik or SRK??

There’s this huge debate going on in the media as well as between people I know about the item numbers in the new Rakesh Roshan movie – ‘Krazzy 4’. There are 3 item numbers in the movie performed by SRK, Rakhi Sawant, and Hrithik Roshan. Now the debate is not about Ms.Sawant, it’s about SRK and Hrithik on whose performance is better as they are dancing to the same song – one a remix of the other supposedly the title song.

Personally, I feel that SRK’s performance was more appealing than the junior Roshan’s. Not just because of the way it was portrayed, but also because of the choreography. The choreographer for Hrithik’s version – Ganesh Acharya – could have utilized Hrithik a lot more better… the visuals of Hrithik’s song was perfectly good… but just the steps and the song as a whole could have been made differently or in a better light exploiting Hrithik’s amazing dance talent…!!

SRK though he is not a great dancer or anything, he has that ability to bring his persona onto the limelight in an effortless manner, much better than I have seen anyone do that… He captures your attention so gracefully and naturally that you are more or less transfixed to what you are seeing on screen or whatever crap he is doing out there… Hrithik too has that ability but if he is utilized in a proper manner…

All said and done, Hrithik is definitely a better dancer than any other actor in recent times and has given some truly amazing pieces.

But in this song, I think SRK takes the cake ….

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  1. Bull****
    Hrithik Rules *period*

    -an ardent SRK fan


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