Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lol... Funny life..!! Small world...!!! Similar people!!!

Quite funny how some things turn out...
You do something thinking no one else will ever have the guts or the foolhardiness to do something like that... and then you blame urself.. and end up feeling guilty and all that jazz... but then at the end of it all you find out that someone else did exactly the same things that you did and said...!! Wowee...
Funny life this is... And funny ppl in it too..
In a way makes me glad that am not the only deranged soul around ;)...
Lol... Some people are alike in a lot of ways than they think..! :P
And with that enigmatic statement... Adios for now..!!


  1. Someone did Something like Someone else did and Someday u too did Something that was Something similar to what Someone did !
    Ellaam manasilaayi

  2. @ RAT --> Ejjactly.. athu thanne..! hihihi.. appo ellam manasliyallo alle???:)


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