Thursday, December 4, 2008

The beginning of a new end....

I have not blogged for some time now…

Not that I did not have anything to blog about! But whatever I wanted to blog about previous to the Mumbai attacks now seems very trivial after the latter happened.

I wanted to blog about the attacks as soon as they happened. I did not. I could not bring myself to do it. And what could I have written about?

I have come across a whole lot of blogs on the Mumbai attacks. Blogs talking about the resilience of India, the Spirit of Mumbai, India’s 9/11, trashing the politicians, coverage of the media, the grit of the NSG commandos, the lives given for the country, the lives taken for the country, statistics of all sorts, number-games, mind games, comments by the people we chose to run the country, and a whole lot of other issues… done to death!

And I still am at a loss on what to write about…

Do I write about what a joke our country’s Intelligence is? Do I write about how we failed to take the threats that were posed seriously? Do I write about the Red Tape that exists at all levels in the functioning of the country? Do I write about the insensitiveness and stupidity (for lack of a better word) of the media when they were interviewing the family and friends of hostages? Do I write about the hundreds of lives that were lost in the attack? Do I talk about the heroism shown by the NSG and the people who laid down their lives to save ours? Do I talk about the tactless remarks and thoughtless actions by people after the assault was over? Do I talk about what a gory attack it was and how it was dealt with? Do I talk about how the bereaved families will be feeling? Do I speak out about the surge of patriotism or the helpless anger that I am feeling at our security being threatened and ravaged like this? Do I point out how none of the ‘publicity-hungry’ politicians have given a decent interview or their take on the events that occurred? Do I mention how some of the prominent people running our nation or part of it stepped out and let other people step up to the act?

I have a lot of questions… Unfortunately I have a whole lot of answers for them too!

We fought a raging war against the attack and it looks like the beginning of a new end!!

How many more lives will be lost? When will it all end? Or will it all end?

That I don’t have an answer to…

And lest I forget, Kudos to Hemant Karkare’s wife and Major Sandeep’s family for their actions! I fully stand by them!

I am feeling a multitude of emotions right now…

Anger at being let down by the people we voted in at every step, Disgust at the way some people have been acting after the attack, Sadness at the innocent lives slaughtered, Pride in the NSG commandos and the brave officers who laid their lives (Hats off to them!), Fear at where what will happen next to whom, Hatred towards those people who thought they could take us down, Skepticism at how the Government is going to handle the next crisis….

People from all over the world were touched in the attack in some way or the other… They voiced their outrage. We heard them out. They offered their help. We accepted it.

What are we going to do about it? Of course we will still cast our votes and still vote in the same people who are running our country now and in the past.

When will we learn? When will someone take the next extreme step a la ‘A Wednesday’?

Maybe it’s time for some fresh new blood in the system. Maybe some young blood! People with some aggressiveness, attitude and risk-taking bent of mind. People who won’t take injustice meted out to them lying down! People who won’t take no for an answer!

That’s probably what this country needs… Young Hot Blooded people who are mature enough to think beyond their own selves and think in terms of the bigger picture…

And that will just be the beginning!

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  1. How long do we have to fight their reckless hatred?

    How long are they going to show their cowardice bullying the innocents?

    I pray that either they they turn good soon and realize their mistakes or have balls to fight with the brave soldiers!


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