Friday, December 5, 2008


Her mind was in turmoil.

She had been seeking questions to these never-ending queries in all the relationships that she had ever been in.

In the hope that at least one of them would help her solve the mayhem in her.

Do expectations actually increase in a relationship that you are actually very comfortable in?

Do you tend to take a person for granted even when you know him/her inside out, with all their faults and shortcomings?

Why does it feel weird when something that has been happening habitually breaks routine and especially when you are aware of why the routine was broken?

Why do you get that tug in the heart when the special someone who messages/calls without fail every morning does not do so one day? Is that fear? Or anger? Or a feeling of let-down?

Why is there an awkward pause when something goes wrong between two people who are together in some capacity?

Why do you feel so odd when someone you care about behaves a little indifferently with you for reasons that are actually known to you and you know you are not the cause for the behavior?

How do you tell someone that you need space from them without causing in them a feeling of unwanted?

Why does being in love mean to have to talk everyday and tell every single time that you love each other?

Do all these queries and many more have answers to them or are they just that… questions?

She thought about her past.

She thought about her present.

Tried to draw a parallel between them.

And drew a blank.

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