Friday, December 5, 2008

Heart Waves...

She was walking along the beach, her feet playing a game of catch with the waves.

She was all alone. And that was how she wanted it to be.

Some quiet. A little bit of tranquility. And a whole lot of peace.

She was here after a long while. The last time she came here was not by herself.

She liked this time of the day.

Twilight. Neither day nor night.

What was it about this magical hour that the beauty of the night and the day all came together? And was she at the best place or what?

Where better to experience the gamut of colors that were flooding the sky, knitting itself seamlessly through the clouds scattered in the vast expanse? It took her breath away. As always.

She remembered a time long ago on the same shore. Then she was not alone. She had a reason for being there then. And she had never wanted to be alone then. Back then, she was with someone who she loved and lived with. She was with someone who made everything else in the world seem secondary. She was with someone who made her feel like the queen of the world and who made her feel special. She had felt wanted.

But that had soon come to a finish. She had thought that the world began and ended with him. She had thought herself the most luckiest in the world. She had finally felt her life falling in place.

Now it felt like failing. It felt like someone had pulled the carpet right from under her legs and she was left with nothing but the dark cold floor. It was almost like she was caught in a whirlpool of sand that was slowly choking her, filling her lungs with no space to breathe. She was flailing and failing to hold on…

She wondered what had gone wrong! Where had she made a mistake and how had she fallen into the deep dark pit that she was always aware of, yet careful about…

She had been deceived. She thought she knew him. Apparently she did not! She never knew him. She never got beyond the outer surface charm that had misled her.

But now it was over. Now she had the floor again.

She walked slowly towards the waves. The water splashed over her feet. It swirled over her knees. She walked against the current pushing her back.

And then as though the sea understood what she wanted it pulled her in close to its bosom.

The water rose above her.

It was over her.

Truly over.

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