Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The last curse before a new year!!!

This is called blogging in bulk…

I have a few too many mails regarding the late evenings we spend in office especially on Friday’s when you cannot even say ‘TGIF’…

The nincompoops in my office have this sadistic pleasure of fixing up meetings and reviews for the last possible minute thereby ruining what would effectively have been the best way to spend an evening! Doing anything else but not sitting in office…

Today being New Years Eve what would one expect from a normally sane set of people… No! You expect too much! The jackasses have gone and fixed up meetings till 7:30 in the evening for just the units that we handle…! Goddamn! I dunno what to say to that!!!

So while the rest of the world is outside busy making merry, and plans for the evening… or putting plans that they have made we are sitting here and listening to a bunch of people go on and on about how good and promising their business is… Wow! I have no words to express my joy! :O Simply exhilarated!

I guess this is again one of those raving and ranting posts..! But when you have to deal with people like whom I meet… well… it is valid! And fair enough!

I wish to god that I can curse the asses who have done this and have gotten their sweet revenge but well... Today being NYE and all that… I will just safely say…

I wish whatever they have done unto others will return to them multifold! As you sow, so you reap! :D:D

Heheheh! There!! That should take care of it! :D… We all know what the outcome would be..!

Good luck Fellas and Fellis!
Have a great year ahead! :-)

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