Friday, January 2, 2009

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

I watched this movie last night. A special treat for the first day of the year.

For the first time ever I could not wait for the movie to get over. And this after me being an ardent SRK fan.

I would rate the movie just OK. Some parts of the movie was great; no doubt. There’s an element of sympathy that is evoked every time the character of Surinder comes on screen. The antics of Raj are the same as seen in many other movies of SRK. But overall, it left me with a feeling of ‘Been there. Seen that.’ ….

Sadly this time the Aditya Chopra magic is missing.

The music is very nice… I liked almost all the songs and the title track is sung and depicted extremely well.

One thing rankles me though; How can a girl who is well-educated, speaks excellently well, is considered to be smart, can ride a bike as good as John Abraham still fail to recognize that the guy who is her dancing partner is her husband without a moustache!!!! Beats me.. It’s almost as if the director insulted the intelligence of the viewers.

A one-time watch if you ask me. And not more than once.
PS: The 'Phir Milenge' song is an extremely nice track but for the portrayal. I thought the director could have chosen each heroine right for that particular period and I felt only Rani looked good in that song. The rest of them looked like they had been miscast.


  1. dear all,
    sorry but i disagree with the writer's comments on this excellently build highly rated movie.
    this is an exceptional movie which is one of the best watch in the yr. 2008.
    u can watch it more than twice even if u r not SRK fan.
    Anushka & SRK have done brilliant job, no doubt.
    i think this is one of the finest films ever made in the Indian film history.
    the chemistry b/w suri & tani is exceptional... & must watch.
    at the end- it totally satisfies its tagline: "Rab ne bana di Jodi"


  2. hi Viv here
    m not the ideal chap to comment on this piece as i've not seen this sordid flick.
    guess i'm better off like this ;)
    neways kudos to my dear pal Ash for havin this amazin blog up n runnin. swell stuff.
    i kno its not easy as i've been plannin to join the league os extraordinary bloggers but postponin ad infinitum.

    hope Ash' efforts inspire me to transfrom in to a blogger.
    way2go ladyyy

  3. Guess what ! SRK has started reading your blog
    LOL :-)))))

  4. @ Rat--> And I was wondering why he has not gotten round to commenting on my posts as yet!! :P


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